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We purchased a Kenmore refrigerator Model 59665232403 in January, 2009. Immediately after installation, whenever the motor starts there's an accompanying SLIGHT "gurgling" sound; the refrigerator section or freezer section.

No problem. When the motor for the other section starts(refrigerator or freezer), the "gurgling" noise would be three times as LOUD and it is ANNOYING. The noise is enough to make neighbors laugh! This noise lasts for 10 seconds.

All of the above occurs every other motor starting time. I called Sears-service and explained the situation. The representative's first response was "did you buy the extra insurance?". I responded, "we have the one year warranty".

"Those noises are normal and a service call would cost you many hundreds of dollars if a person were to come and be unable to repair the situation".

I called a local repair shop - "That sounds like a compressor problem". This is unacceptable Sears performance - product and service!

Review about: Sears Repair.

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