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Waiting 4 days to get a serviceman to do a warranty repair on a non functioning fully stocked refrigerator shows how concerned they are with their customers needs. A washing machine or dryer can wait but not a fully stocked refrigerator.

Then to add insult to injury they can only promise that they will show up between 8 and 5. Just take the day off from work and hang around. When there is no more Sears it wont be because of products or prices. Customer service will do them in.

Would you believe they told me to find some dry ice and put the contents of the 35 cu. ft.

refrigerator and freezer in an ice chest while I wait?

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Yah, I stopped going to sears long ago for just that reason. Ever since they merged with k-mart they've been really bad. SIGH--the old sears is dead & gone.

U should dump your rotted food on their doorstep, serve them right.

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