Winter Park, Florida

im not sure what is wrong with sears as a whole. Sears has all these hotlines implemented for employees to file reports, complain about abuse in workplaces, management abuse etc, however if you attempt to call in to complain, you will get mistreated, harassed, put down or your report may not even be taken. After attempting to call in many times regarding mistreatment and harassment in the work place and a hostile work environment, all I got was difficulty and impossibility in filing a report, abusive people on the other line and crazy women who just wanted to fight and insult me. In turn, sears employees need to understand that this line was created not to ASSIST in reporting but it's created to DETER in reporting and in making sure reports do NOT go through at all. ITs in fact a mask a lie and an illusion. The "HR specialists' as they deem will REFUSE to take reports and will just harass and mistreat employees calling in trying to file reports of mistreatment or unethical behavior.

I called in as an employee to file a report with this horrible hotline 188888sears and first they outsource you to this indian call center with incompetent indian people taking your information. Then these jerks transfer you to an "hr specialist", who will proceed to bully mistreat and argue with you and will NOT take your complaint. I don't know what kind of business sears is but it's the WORST kind to exist. I had an issue as an employee with a call center and ethical issues with the corrupt management there. When I finally called 88 sears hotline, they transferred me to an HR specialist named Lydia Garcia. This female was a psychopath of some sorts. she refused to take my report and began fighting with me. she was crazy. She tried to say that I couldn't give specific information and I needed more specifics. I told her I wanted a report filed. she refused and began yelling at me. I think the sears hotline is really staffed by angry psychopaths who will deter employees from filing reports just so no complaint can ever be heard and nothing is ever done. its a shady corrupt horrible organization.

a week later I finally got in touch with another corrupt crazy HR consultant named andrea. she seemed nice at first, but quickly turned psycho too when I told her I needed to file a complaint of employee abuse at the sears winter park call center. Andrea proceeded to be rude and say they aren't a complaint line, when I said I had numerous complaints. she continued to state it isn't a complaint hotline and they don't take complaints. This company is really crazy and bad. Their entire SEARS employee hotline seems to be set in place so discriminated against or abused or bullied employees can be able to do NOTHING about their situation and go nowhere with it. In turn it seems to be a hotline to STOP any reporting against sears abuse by employers and deter any actual complaints from going forward. This whole company is VERY corrupt. there is no complaints hotline...its all a mask and illusion so employees can FEEL or think something is going to get done while nothing is done. the HR specialists they have working for them are sociopaths who are angry bitter and rude and nasty to people calling in. You would think it would be a very easy process to call in and file a complaint but it's a nightmare where some lunatic is deterring you from filing a complaint and the HR specialist Lydia Garcia said to me how is someone talking down to you bullying?? I said "they talked down to me and belittled me" she said "how is that bullying."?? this is the SEARS BULLYING HOTLINE folks....if you are a sears employee understand its JUST there to make you THINK they are doing something, but really its staffed by really deranged females who have no interest in taking complaints, but just fighting employees and mistreating them stopping them from actually FILING complaints..very corrupt and unethical beware!!

andrea who claims she took my complaint really didn't. she sat there listening to me and then lied claiming she took the complaint. when I asked her if she could read back to me what I said she refused. Then, she said they cant' file duplicate complaints huh? so andrea a psycho sat there taking my complaint and having me talk so she can just hang up on the phone on me.

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Auspiciously, many major and productive changes are being conducted at Sears SHC. Much of the direct addresses are monitored and recorded (as accorded by Federal FCC laws and regulatory commission thereof); the conduct of the agents, however, is the sole responsibility of Sears SHC.

With that being said, without prejudice or malice inferred is the three point truth trajectory: Their side, your side and ultimately the truth. In your explanation, you indicated key components that can better enhance, take responsibility and ownership of the duality of potential errors from both parties.In examining thoroughly the conversation, post mortem, if you will allow, take a second look at how it was, positively and negatively. As a former QA Floor Supervisor and CWA union counselor and community advisor, the investigation of exactly what you communicated and they, in kind will reveal both the pressures and problems you both faced AT THAT TIME. I can attest, confirm and identify from both your PoV's, since I have logged several calls and learned to be a bomb technician.

Call centers and the people involved are in a Pandora's box where we are and were responsible for how the call went.Your best avenue is to email SHC directly.

Since SHC call centers are off shore and a third party processors, their responsibility is to direct line to the QA supervisor WHO IS REQUIRED TO BE ON THE FLOOR AND OR MONITORING in case of escalation. Direct your steps following the chain of command.Hang in there!


I currently work with Lydia at Sears and can attest that she is a psychopath! For a HR director she is extremely judgmental and unfair in her treatment of employees.


I have woke with sears more the 17yr..7 of those yrs we have not have got any raise.. no quarterly bonus..the have have taking way.we work 3 to 5 hrs a they think the can take care of the family on has is 10% more than last yr...


Yes I worked 4 Sears 23 years they are corrupt and as horrible as can be


You are experiencing the environment created by the leader of the company, Ed Lampert. Mr.

Lampert is the product of his parents, he is what they raised. The ethics, loyalty and commitment, are the results of his up bringing. That's a fact. Another fact, Edward Lampert is a ***-sucker.

Not a well known fact but, true. Edward Lampert is a certified ***-sucker.


I have worked at Sears for 21 my unit two managers are related as brother in laws.


I work for Kmart #4295 in Miami, Florida. This is the worst company & job I have ever had in the 5 years in been working in retail.

This company slaves people & when you complain to the manager especially the store manager he takes everyone else side rather then yours. The managers is named Javier Ponce & he is so rude & treats his employees like pure trash. He treats us like we ain't humans. Another manager is Ishara Miller, Lurdes Guzman & Fannie Figueras.

An incident happened on Tuesday where she talked to me in a way I really felt was disrespectful. So whoever wants to work for Kmart don't work for this one.


I work for kmart in Tennessee and i had informed my h.r. of an employee that was trying clothes on on the clock not only did the h.r.

take her side but threatened to write me up cause she said i am a tattle tale... completely unprofessional and i have had it


This is absolutely 100% true. They treat you horrible and never followup with anything


I worked at Sears in Baytown for a short 3 months. I have never worked at a place so bad in my life!

Operations manager is very hateful and rude to all employees. If you clocked out past your schedule time, you would get in trouble. One day I was worried about getting trouble and kept telling management they needed to get someone to take my place that I was going to be late. She calls me on the phone and when I said hello, she said hatefully, "what you cant stay?" and I replied that no one had asked me to and since she was hateful about it that no I cant stay.

The whole time I worked there, I maybe took 3 breaks. We are supposed to by law get a 15 minute break and 30 minute lunch. 3 times out of the 3 months I actually got a 15 min break. She also referred to an employee as being off, because she was a little mentally slow.

But that girl worked her butt off and was the sweetest person there. She has no right to refer to her that way. I liked working there on the days she was off. And I hated to quit without giving them notice, but the last meeting she told us that there were going to be a lot of new faces and the old ones would be gone.

And that Sears was so cheap that they only gave them $3.00 per employee for a Christmas dinner. All that came out of her mouth at the meeting. I guess they will keep wasting money by hiring new people to train and then put them on PIP a month later if they cant get credit apps.

I dont really see the logic. It costs a lot of money to train people.


Who was your ops manager? Was it a person by the name Haley?Did you like working for your store manager?


I work for sears at valley view mall in north Dallas the manager and head lead of shoe department are rude and don't know how to do their job right. The head lead of shoe department take long breaks and hour lunches.

They do nothing about it.

Their rude childish. My other job I used to have they should've been fired along time ago.


I work for sears in southland mall as an LP I have never worked for such childish people. Kris yuill,Homero cutillas,Steve joseph, and my supervisor Stephen Baquero are the worst people I have ever come across.

In my first day kris,Y told me how he and the rest of the guys "pushed out " this one girl because she was ***. My jaw droped I new I was in for a bad time at sears..


I use to work for Sears in the Carson Mall. The cashier Manager Lisa Caleb, first off didnt know who I was when I arrive for my interview.!She

started off okay, but then her true colors came out.

She was real friendly when it came to her younger people, but they never showed up for work.

They would call off and there would never be any cashier.! I was told that they would keep me on, but when i was going to the hub, they said I was only seasonal, but in actually i was supposento be regular.


I know nothing? How are those SEARS hotlines working for you then?.....LMAO.....seems my little dose of reality hurt your feelings.


That's very childish of you. Proves that the information posted is correct.


Hey anon,

You need to shut YOUR trap. No one cares what you think.

You are obviously one of the low life's that works there.


ltcc you need to shut your trap. sears has these hotlines created specifically to report these situations. you are a *** and a low life...stop babbling when you know nothing about anything, ***


News dont complain to the organization that is supposedly abusing or harrassing you......that is why there are outside agencies.....for investigating.....wake up