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im not sure what is wrong with sears as a whole. Sears has all these hotlines implemented for employees to file reports, complain about abuse in workplaces, management abuse etc, however if you attempt to call in to complain, you will get mistreated, harassed, put down or your report may not even be taken. After attempting to call in many times regarding mistreatment and harassment in the work place and a hostile work environment, all I got was difficulty and impossibility in filing a report, abusive people on the other line and crazy women who just wanted to fight and insult me. In turn, sears employees need to understand that this line was created not to ASSIST in reporting but it's created to DETER in reporting and in making sure reports do NOT go through at all. ITs in fact a mask a lie and an illusion. The "HR specialists' as they deem will REFUSE to take reports and will just harass and mistreat employees calling in trying to file reports of mistreatment or unethical behavior.

I called in as an employee to file a report with this horrible hotline 188888sears and first they outsource you to this indian call center with incompetent indian people taking your information. Then these jerks transfer you to an "hr specialist", who will proceed to bully mistreat and argue with you and will NOT take your complaint. I don't know what kind of business sears is but it's the WORST kind to exist. I had an issue as an employee with a call center and ethical issues with the corrupt management there. When I finally called 88 sears hotline, they transferred me to an HR specialist named Lydia Garcia. This female was a psychopath of some sorts. she refused to take my report and began fighting with me. she was crazy. She tried to say that I couldn't give specific information and I needed more specifics. I told her I wanted a report filed. she refused and began yelling at me. I think the sears hotline is really staffed by angry psychopaths who will deter employees from filing reports just so no complaint can ever be heard and nothing is ever done. its a shady corrupt horrible organization.

a week later I finally got in touch with another corrupt crazy HR consultant named andrea. she seemed nice at first, but quickly turned psycho too when I told her I needed to file a complaint of employee abuse at the sears winter park call center. Andrea proceeded to be rude and say they aren't a complaint line, when I said I had numerous complaints. she continued to state it isn't a complaint hotline and they don't take complaints. This company is really crazy and bad. Their entire SEARS employee hotline seems to be set in place so discriminated against or abused or bullied employees can be able to do NOTHING about their situation and go nowhere with it. In turn it seems to be a hotline to STOP any reporting against sears abuse by employers and deter any actual complaints from going forward. This whole company is VERY corrupt. there is no complaints hotline...its all a mask and illusion so employees can FEEL or think something is going to get done while nothing is done. the HR specialists they have working for them are sociopaths who are angry bitter and rude and nasty to people calling in. You would think it would be a very easy process to call in and file a complaint but it's a nightmare where some lunatic is deterring you from filing a complaint and the HR specialist Lydia Garcia said to me how is someone talking down to you bullying?? I said "they talked down to me and belittled me" she said "how is that bullying."?? this is the SEARS BULLYING HOTLINE folks....if you are a sears employee understand its JUST there to make you THINK they are doing something, but really its staffed by really deranged females who have no interest in taking complaints, but just fighting employees and mistreating them stopping them from actually FILING complaints..very corrupt and unethical beware!!

andrea who claims she took my complaint really didn't. she sat there listening to me and then lied claiming she took the complaint. when I asked her if she could read back to me what I said she refused. Then, she said they cant' file duplicate complaints huh? so andrea a psycho sat there taking my complaint and having me talk so she can just hang up on the phone on me.

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I work in the Waterford CT branch store 1198, our op's manager is the pure definition of bully to both members (we can use the C word) and employees alike.. Our Manager does not care however unless they even hint at giving a bad mark on the customer satisfaction survey then he does anything in his power to not have that happen, like to give 1200 dollars treadmills at 80% off.. I can wait for the diseased temple that is Sears to crumble!!!

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