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I purchase a refrigerator in October of 2019. That fridge was delivered and installed.

It did not work at all when hooked up. It was replaced with another fridge. When that fridge was hooked up there were some parts that did not work. That fridge was repaired efficiently, but I will admit , I was now worried about the second fridge having issues.

I purchased the 3 yr maintenance package for around $500.00

September 09,2020 the refrigerator made some strange humming noises and over night it stopped working.

I lost food. The soonest it could be fixed was September 16th ( a week without a fridge). Fortunately the fridge did kick on 2 days prior to the repair date. I still had them come out to evaluate the fridge.

The repair guy thought it may be the fan, but nothing was done because the fridge kicked back on.

Now...just under 2 weeks later... the fridge is not working. I woke up yesterday (09/29/2020) to a puddle under the fridge and food was defrosting in the freezer. It is humming, but it is not cold in the fridge or the freezer.

I called and the soonest someone can come out is Oct 8,2020..... 9 days later.

I feel that is is unacceptable to wait so long to fix this issue. This fridge is new. It is still under warranty and I have paid for a maintenance package.

It is real inconvenience to continue to go without a refrigerator for I do have children. I do feel that this fridge should be fixed this week.

About 6 months ago my washing machine died.... the repair man was out that same week and the problem was fixed within a few days. (The repair man was with a private company that fixed appliances).

I had no contract with them and they were so efficient.

Why are you not so efficient? I even paid ahead of time and my appliance is under a warranty, yet I have to wait 9-10 days for you to come out.

Yesterday I did call to complain about having to wait yet again a week or so for the repair guy. I would actually like to return this fridge. I was upset and transferred to Customer Solutions.

The girl I spoke with said that I can not return the fridge, but she did say that I could get a replacement fridge. She transferred me to someone to take care of that, however, I was on eternal hold (23 minutes). It kept saying that there was a high call volume and please wait on the line. I now had to go back to work.

I called on another line and spoke with someone named Jay. He said that I can call back later that afternoon/ night to take care of this.

When I called back I spoke with a woman named Jesse. She told me that there was just a note that I would be calling, but nothing about the solution I was told. She said I would have to wait the 9 day so the repairmen can look at the fridge and either fix it or submit for a replacement fridge.

I was not happy about that. I already went through this earlier.

She put me on hold for a supervisor. I was on hold for about 25 minutes when the phone hung up. I called back and spoke with someone named ED.

He told he does not know who Jesse is. He also told me that I did not qualify for a replacement fridge and would need to speak with that company/ department that does the repairs. He gave me a number. I spoke with someone named Mike who told me that I am not the only customer and I would have to wait my turn.

I asked him about a temporary fridge ... he said that I have to find a rental fridge and go through the policy of being reimbursed. He did not have the number, but he was able to transfer me. I waited on hold for 28 minutes.

I spent a lot of time on hold.

I feel like you do not treat your customers right. I do know I am not the only customer, however, there should be a priority as far as repairs. If there is a part not working, but , the appliance is working that should be less of a priority. I recently placed a repair request for a fridge that is not working and 2 weeks later again that is not working.

This has been very inconvenient for me, especially for an appliance that is still under warranty.

Your products seem to be of poor quality seeing that this is the second fridge in less then a year that not working right. I probably will not use you or your services in the future.

Former customer,

Suzanne Rider

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: I would like to return the fridge or switch it for one that works.

Sears Pros: Affordable prices.

Sears Cons: Poor appliances, Poor service, Inconvenient to customer.

Location: 5251 110th Avenue North, Pinellas Park, FL 33760

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