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I ordered a washer/dryer combination from delivered it next week on the correct date, but the delivery guys got my room and the closet dirty with grimy snow-water they they tracked in on their shoes.

They didn't bother to clean it up or even mention anything before they left. They weren't able to fully install the washer/dryer because I had ordered the wrong power cord. I only had two options at the time of order between a 3-foot and a 6-foot appliance cord that had three prongs on it, and I didn't realize that the outlet I had actually required four. The delivery guys made a call to confirm that I could buy the correct one and return the three prong at the store by me.

I made the trip out there, only to have them tell me that they couldn't let me return the cord there. I then asked if they at least had the correct cord I could buy, and the manager directed me to an employee standing buy because he said he had no idea. I got passed between three other employees before I found someone who didn't know for sure, but could look. They didn't have it.

So I left and went online, only to see that the washer/dryer I just bought was now on sale. I didn't have any time due to the remodeling I was doing, so I called Sears customer service the next week to see if I could also get the sale price since it happened only 3 DAYS after I purchased the washer/dryer, but the guy on the phone was extremely unhelpful. When I asked if it was a rebate, he told me know, but that he couldn't look up if it had been on sale. "I can only go online now and see what the price currently is," he told me, which was again at the normal price.

Overall this experience was pretty terrible, and I'm not extremely happy with the washer/dryer that this is because it's extremely loud and annoying with constant buzzing about every 15 minutes. If I want to return the washer/dryer, I'll have to schedule another pickup, and I'll be charged all kinds of fees including 15% and restocking fees. I would strongly advise against ordering any appliances or big items from Sears.

They are terrible.

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Monroe, North Carolina, United States #6462

Well don't buy a TV from them and expect anything short of a turd! As for their service department they are as worthless *** on a boar hog!

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