Gig Harbor, Washington
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I bought the house I currently live in ten years ago. The builder installed ALL Sears appliances, including a remote garage door opener.

That opener failed after about 9 years. Thinking that a Sears replacement would be OK, I bought a higher quality Craftsman opener in January 2007. Here it is April 2008, and the door doesn't work---it will not respond to any of the remote controls. Sooooo....I contact Sears for a service call and am told that a service representative would be at my home on 9 April 2008 between 8AM and 5PM, and would call before arriving.

Took the day off to await the service represent. It is now 6PM on 9 April, and nobody has either showed up or called.

It appears that Sears service is just as reliable as their products----NOT!!

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We bought a craftsman garage opener about 1 and a half years ago and it has died as well. I also called to inquire about the craftsman wtty.

(we do not buy extended wtty's) I was surprised to learn that I am out of luck .......Shouldn't a garage door opener last more than this? Poor quality....Poor customer service.......Where is there good customer service today?


SEARS service is horrible. They either do not show up or do not call to tell you that they are not showing up.

Forcing you to call any repair person that will repair a 5 year old refrigerator and than find out because Sears service is unreliable and because you do not want to throw away spoiled food, by having a reliable service repair person come to your home voids your warranty!

We bought a stove and refrigerator brand new, in 2004 both have had to be repaired at least once. Do not support Sears.