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I run a Bed and Breakfast and purchased a refrigerator from Sears 6 months ago. Today, April 22, one day to the exact date of purchase, the refrigerator gave out.

I am about to lose all the food in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments and have guests coming in the day after tomorrow. I am livid. The customer "service" department cannot get anyone here to take care of my problem until April 29. That is ONE WEEK!!

And of ourse, it must be my fault that I can't afford to buy an additional refrigerator to protect myself from situations like this. When I got violently miffed over the fact that I am about to lose inventory and perhaps even customers because of Sears's inability to provide emergency response, the THIRD person I had to speak to in order to explain my dilemma did not want to be yelled at and hung up on me. I tend to be a loyal customer. I am slowly updating my kitchen.

Sears has not earned my loyalty.

I am taking my future business elsewhere and directing everyone I know that is getting ready to purchase new appliances AWAY from Sears.

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Go to the store. They can give you a loaner for emergency situations like this...or my old store did. If you have a protection agreement you can request to rent one and be rembersed

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