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I got a pair of jeans at Sears (Oak Brook center, Oak Brook, IL at Cermak and 83rd) a month ago. The sales associate told me that those have 1 year warranty.

After they tore apart after a week I brought them back to the store and exchanged them for new ones. I was surprised to see that the second pair lasted a little bit longer - two weeks. When I went to return the second pair (yesterday 5/20/10) however, I was shocked by the the completely unscrupulous, arrogant and cynical attitude of the manager at the men's clothing department. When I first went to their desk, the cashiers started contemplating how I tore those jeans apart.

Then they called their manager (a tall blond woman in her forties) and she told me that she won't exchange them for me because they already did it once and then having *** in the back pocket is not covered by warranty. She asked me again how "I made this hole", implying that I made it on purpose in order to return the jeans. Yes, I was carrying objects in those pockets, but aren't they made for that??? I used to carry my keys in that pocket, but none of the other jeans that I have tore from that.

Then I asked her about the torn belt ring "Ok, how did this happen then...". She replied "Oh, you must have hung something heavy over there!". During the hole conversation she gradually rose her voice and at end she was almost shouting at me. I asked her "Are you really going to lose me as a customer for only $22.99?".

She almost laughed at me for saying that. When I mentioned the one year warranty she told me "Oh, it's very hard to believe that the sales associate told you that". I couldn't stand talking to her anymore and I just left.

I also work at retail and if I had talked like that to a customer I would have been fired on the spot.

My retail company always takes care of the customer and in this situation the jeans would have been returned without a question even if I did not have a receipt. We have even exchanged generators for customers multiple times. It is not mentioned anywhere on the receipt that I have the right to exchange something only once and if that thing that they sell me is piece of *** I consider it normal to want exchange/my money back.

Maybe that's the reason why we are beating last year's sales while Sears is closing stores and laying off people. With employees like this woman I could just wonder why...

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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I don't really understand who is cheap here, me arguaing over something that is less than $30 or the multi billion dollar corporation doing the same thing??? Buy something, have it break in the first week or so and than have an impudent employee tell you in the face that you broke it...let's see how you would feel.

I am 195 lb. for your information and I buy the right size


Wow, what the heck are you doing to cause jeans to rip? Sounds like your the one that is careless.

And also super-cheap complaining over a less than $30 pair of jeans you had to return twice. Good Lord. I don't believe this is Sears fault and I can't stand customers like you that bring back ruined clothing.

Even if it were Sears fault You probably have to shop at Walmart and Sears because quality jean companies don't make sturdy stylish jeans for large people as yourself that ruin merchandise because your trying to squeeze into a size 7. Stop destroying clothes out of frustration.