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My Sears experience? I visit with intent to purchase a line trimmer and lawn mower. I select my lawn mower and ask an employee for information on line trimmers, but the employee doesn't know anything. He is "only there to see if things are in stock." I can't decide on a line trimmer and decide to only purchase a lawn mower. The cashier has two people already in line so I ask a free cashier is she could help. She's unable because it's not her section. After ten minutes waiting in the original line behind the same two people, I give up on the lawn mower.

My wife decides to give Sears another chance. We visit with intent to purchase patio furniture. We select a Ty Pennington Palmetto 7-piece dining set for $1100. We received free shipping and a military discount. Finally, something pleasant? The set arrives on schedule with the six chairs pre-assembled. I assemble the table thinking all is well, but then I notice that three of the chairs are damaged. They have broken screws, chipped paint, and other issues. I request three new...

The team arrives 45 minutes before the scheduled time and I'm not even at home. They assemble three new chairs and I observe that two of them only rest on three legs. The fourth (front left) leg of each is two inches above level. The team suggests I sit on it and hope it levels out over time. Unfortunately, I didn't spend $1100 for tripods. I request two new...

Sears recommends I call the manufacturer. Manufacturer informs me that it will take the new pieces 6-8 weeks for the parts to ship from China, and suggests I speak with Sears Customer Solutions. Customer Solutions schedules another delivery, this time with a team that will ensure I'm satisfied.

The team arrives on time and replaces two chairs. Three of the four fixed position chairs now gently wobble. The team mentions to me that the chairs are made in China, as though to remind me that I had purchased a low quality product and should expect manufacturing errors.

This is why I hate Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Cashier.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Sears Cons: Customer service, Employee knowledge, Product quality.

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Eleven Hundred Dollars???? My Word! You could have bought something similar from the Salvation Army or Goodwill for just a fraction of that.


my outdoor patio furniture 2 sets totaling $3100.00,,, rusted in 30 days. and the cushions on one literally caught fire/smoke via my neighbors high end window reflection??

TY's furtinure is NOT OUTDOOR ULTRA VIOLET/SUN proof!!!! I have all the pics, my 10 yr old saw smoke, called 911!!!! I called SEARS, they pushed me off to a manufacter of TY??? They were closed 7 days a week!!!

if anyone has any insight or would like to get involved with my attorney, please contact me. An email i just set up for this issue Christine Willerson


Do you have manufacturer contact info? I can't seem to find contact info.



DO NOT BUY TY PENNINGTON OUTDOOR SETS!! my cushions actually started smoking and almost caught fire due to just sun exposure!!!!! not safe!!!!!!!