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I purchased 5 yr. extended warranty policy when I purchased new dish washer in Sears store. After I get home, I realize that the policy expiration date is 1 yr. shorter than I expect. After calling store back, I was informed that 5 yr. master product protection plan is actually 4 yr-1st yr. is under manufacturer warranty. The person on the phone advised me that it's written on policy and he can not do anything about it. After reading through the entire pre-print document, I finally locate this statement. However,

1. The term of 5 yr. is not ture and shall not be called 5 yr. plan. Car extended warranty policy kicks in after initial warranty expires. Why and how can this policy be written in this tricky term? Can 90% Fat Free milk be labeled as 100% Fat Free milk? Can 55% Poly; 45% Cotton fabric be called cotton rich? What happened to Federal Fair trade regulation?

2. The sales rep in store never explained this REALITY. Shouldn't customer be informed needed information in details prior to purchase?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

Monetary Loss: $188.

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It was explained to me as coverage by sears from the date of purchase. I was worried about a new front load washer I was purchasing and took the 3 year in home protection.

I asked about 3 years beyond but was told it over lapped the original warranty, since it was not protected by sears, except by exchange during the return period. Sears has its own service plans, while others use extended warranties

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I ment to say rewards quantity and NOT ethics.

And "to show you how" should be part of one paragraph.

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You have to be very carefull when dealing with Sears service agreements.Especially when they are trying to sell you one.Alot of employees don't even know the details of the plan or ommit them.There is tremendous pressure to sell these things which rewards quantity and ethics.

I agree if SEARS is selling you a five year plan SEARS should cover it for 5 years.

I'd bring these details up to the local BBB,a national agency like the Federal Trade Commission or the local insurance commission.

To show how routinely these things were incorrectly sold

their Replacement Plan used to cover the product for replacement for 15 months after the manufacturers warranty expired.The average employee sold it as a 2 year plan but in reality if the product had a 90 day replacement warranty that would equal only 18 months of coverage.

But in a twist of fate for many customers most employees didn't realize that the plan was a onetime deal.Some employees would give replacements numerous times under the same plan.

Point being Sears or its employees really do not understand the plans they are selling.And tight budgets are forcing service to not let things go or make sure the manufacturer is charged during their warranty and not the plan.

If you buy 5 years of protection from Sears or anyone else they should provide you with 5 years of service.

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