Hello Kmart,

I know that Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for retail stores. I also realize that there is going to be a lot of people after the same deals that was hoping to get. But with all that aside I was very disappointed with Kmart tonight!!!

I live in Canton, GA and I shop at the Kmart on Riverstone Pkwy I'm also a award card holder too. My complaint I have against Kmart is:

I was the 9th person in line and my wait was about 4 - 4 1/2 hrs before the store opened the doors. (I don't have any problem with that I know people camp out in front of stores a lot longer then that) Unfortunately, after waiting all that time I was not able to claim my prize which would have been the Proscan 50" flat screen tv for $288.00. But instead I received a ticket for the 24" flat screen for $88.00. (Not sure of the brand name for that tv) But again I understand we all can not be winners on Black Friday. But this is where my complaint comes into play.

I got my ticket and was told to go to the electronics department to pick up my tv. I walked right back there as I was instructed to and none of the associates had a clue to where the tv's were being held. Now remember I had already been standing outside the store for about 4 hrs. And on top of that please remember, I wasn't able to get the tv that I originally came for. Now by this time the electronics department is packed with black Friday shoppers and again no one had a clue to where the tv's were located. I also felt very sorry for those boys (associates) in the electronics department. It appear to me that the management just threw these young boys back there. I don't believe the store managers communicated at all with the associates. You would think that the managers on black Friday would have put some kind of game plan in place for all the associates to follow. But instead I was surrounded by chaos.!!!!

I must have asked 5 or so different Kmart associates where I need to be so that I could pick up my new tv. and they all gave me a different answer. I must have gone back and forth from the service desk to the electronics department at least 15 times. Now during all this waiting around I had to do for my tv I was able to over hear one of the female managers tell another associate that in the first door buster sale earlier that day the sales and checkout associates didn't know that the Proscan tv was only supposed to be sold at the 8 pm door buster sale. And that is the reason why I'm taking the time out to write you this email. I'm so upset by this whole ordeal I had to go through tonight. If the managers communicated with the associates I would be a very happy camper right now watching my new 50" tv. I'm so discussed right now with Kmart!!! Not only because I didn't get the tv I wanted but should have cause if there had been more communication with the sales associates the mishap would have never happened at the first door buster.

So I feel like between no one knowing what the heck is going on inside the store to hearing that manager tell that other associate what happen earlier with the tv. I feel like I just got racked over the coals by Kmart!!!! I truly can say that customer at Kmart is NO customer service!!!

Merry Christmas,

Sherry North



From: Sherry North

Date: Sat, Jan 5, 2013 at 11:49 PM

To: help@customerservice.kmart.com

December 23, 2013

Dear Mr. Louis J. D’Ambrosio,

Thank you and Kmart so very much!!! You have managed to really mess up my son’s Christmas!!! On Black Friday I bought a flat screen TV for my son as a Christmas present. The TV ended up being defective (the sound would not work). So I took the TV back to the store to exchange it for a new TV that worked. I couldn’t believe my ears when the manager looked at me and told me I was pretty much screwed!!! The only thing she said or offered me was something that was just impossible for me to do. I’m already on tight budget for Christmas as it is. And I knew that the only way I could afford a TV for him was to stand outside your store for more than 4hrs hoping that I would get one of the door buster TV deals you had going on. So when the manager gave me the option of paying another $100 or more for a replacement TV I knew I couldn’t do that because I would have little to no money left to buy him anything else on his Christmas list. When I tried to explain my situation to the manager all I got in return was her becoming nasty and hostile towards me. So I ended up leaving your store with more than just my hands empty but with the knowledge that Kmart could care less about its customers. When I reached my car I was so upset over the whole thing but mostly over the way I was treated so I decided to called your customer service phone line thinking that maybe they would be able to help me. But once again I was wrong!!!! The first person I talked to over the phone was just as rude as the manager inside the store. I asked her to transfer me to someone else in the customer service department and she told me “NO” that I couldn’t talk to anyone else but her. So in turn I hung the phone up on her and her nasty attitude. I waited a few minutes to call back and when I did I finely got someone on the telephone that listened and understood the situation. She apologized to me and told me that she understood why I was so upset. So in turn she offered me a $25 gift card to Kmart for all my trouble. I accepted the gift card from her and told her thanks. She said I would get the card in the mail in about 7 – 10 business days. The card came so I hurried up and went up to Kmart to shop and get a layaway out. But guess what happened when I went to pay for the layaway with the gift card I just got in the mail from you?? Answer: You (Kmart) sent me a gift card with “NO MONEY ON IT”!! So once again the store clerk (which was very rude and unpleasant) had to call a manager and asks her what to do. Now in the mean time there is a whole bunch of people behind me listening and waiting to get their layaways out too! And by this time I’m becoming more and more upset and embarrassed. Now again the manager looks at me and says that I have to find another way to pay or they’ll put my layaway back. The remaining balance due on the layaway was $51 and some change. But I only had $28 in cash and the $25 that was supposed to be on the gift card. So once again I couldn’t get my son a Christmas present!!! And get this Kmart kept $10 dollars of my money for a layaway fee. I couldn’t believe it!!!! Why should I have to pay that when they messed up by sending me a $0 balance gift card. I don’t understand!!!! So here I go again calling the customer service number and I tell them what happened and they hang up on me. I try calling again this time a girl answers and you can tell she hates her job. She was so nasty and mean to me and could have careless about what had happened. She was very short with her words and kept putting me on hold when I was trying to talk to her. So once again I just hung up the phone and called back hoping to get someone that cared. This time when I called a guy named Marcus answer. He was very nice and listened to me and understood why I was upset. He did put me on hold when I was talking. He didn’t interrupt me. He told me that he was very sorry about the gift card and that he didn’t know what had happened but that he would send me a new card in the mail that day. And that this time it will be $40 instead of the $25 for all the trouble your store has put me through. Now, I told him the most important thing to me was that I would get the card in the mail by Christmas. He told me that I would definitely have the card by Christmas!!! Well here I am still waiting for the carded!!! Kmart has really messed up me and my son’s Christmas this year. He still believes in Santa and when Christmas morning comes and he didn’t get that big gift I’m going to have to explain why Santa couldn’t get it for him. I’m not looking forward to that!!!

This is crazy!!! I don’t understand how you “Kmart” could employ so many people that are rude, hateful and with an “I could careless attitude”!! I’ve never experience anything like this. I’m so angry and disappointed with Kmart right now!!!

Merry Christmas,

Shopped at Kmart:

1750 Marietta Highway Canton, GA 30114

P.S. I think Kmart should look into having Six Sigma come out and observe what’s going on in your corporate office and in your stores. Somebody needs to take a serious look at the way the stores and the customer service call center is being run. Customers like me will not put up with being treated like this. I know that from now on I’ll think twice before I ever step into a Kmart again. It’s just as easy to go to Wal-Mart or Target their right down the street. They always have an attitude of what can I do to make your shopping experience a good one. And the way I see it Kmart doesn’t even come close to having that kind of store. I’ll use a quote that I heard Clark Howard use many times over the years to describe the way I feel about Kmart. When Kmart says customer service what they really mean to say is “NO CUSTOMER SERVICE”!!!

I'm still waiting to hear from that case manager to call me!!!!

This is truly sad!!!! But I'm not going to go away!!!

There is so many complains about Kmart and the lack of customer service I've realized that I'm not important to you. You don't need me as a customer. But it will come back at you one day and bit you on the @#% and you will have deserved it!!!! So once again Thank You Kmart!!!!

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