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I have noticed that Sears does not seem to action the hundreds of blogs I have seen complaining about things. I have decided to take a different tactic - a catchy rap about my various problems with Sears on YouTube:

I think some media attention would turn up the heat.

Here is my story/song entitled 'Yo, Yo, Sears'

Aw yeah, this beat goes out to my hommies

The peeps on the Blogs

The peeps on YouTube

And the peeps still on Hold

I bought a Sears snow blower in two-thousand and two

It's getting pretty old now and went a bit askew

It stopped moving and that's important to me

Try pushing it into a snow-bank and I think you'll agree

I called Sears service 'cause they have the proper parts

But choosing them for service is where my trouble starts

The tech came over to fix it like new

I figured out later this guy had no clue

Yo, Yo, Sears - I'm talkin' to you direct

Give your Customers some respect

Good service used to be your proposition

Now it's a telephone inquisition

As it turns out, my Axle Bolt was rusted

And the wheels don't turn when that Bolt is busted

The tech put in a Shear Pin instead

That's the pricey repair I now dread

Used it 5 minutes, then had the same issue

Sears did not apologize or offer a tissue

I looked at the manual and the parts were wrong

He used a Shear Pin where an Axel Bolt belong

Yo, Yo, Sears - I'm talkin' to you direct

Give your Customers some respect

Your Technician is apparently unskilled

So I would appreciate getting unbilled

When the tech suggested fixing it with a weld

I knew his abilities really smelled

So I fixed it myself using the parts in the book

But you charged my credit card, so I'm on the hook

They said call 1-800 to get back my beans

The call would be answered in the Philippines

For a month I called, you did not call back

Then you hung up on me, I think that's whack

Yo, Yo, Sears - I'm talkin' to you direct

Give your Customers some respect

Your Customer Service is not funny

And I would like back my money

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $123.

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I got on a lay away plan for a tv, due to a personal emergency was 2 dys late on pmt due, hurried up and walked it in only to find the lady said her screen showed my layaway plan was cancelled, no reason and i will get refund... now no tv all these months wasted, gotta start over. what kind of *** is that???????????