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I bought an upright vacuum cleaner, model no 116.31100900 February 14, 2011. Twice the red light has come on where the brushes won't turn. There is a clog. The first time was in Jaanuary 2012 and I took it to Sears repair. After many phone calls, Sears loosing my machine, etc., I got it back February 17, 2012. Because of the mix up, etc., Sears did not charge me for the repair. But now the same thing has happened. I am a single senior with only a small dog. There can't be things on my floor that would cause a clog. I am afraid to take my machine back to Sears repair.

I was so careful when I was buying a vacuum. Used Consumer's Digest even. So, both Sears' vacuums and Consumer's Digiest doesn't really give me much confidence.

Edith M. Rucker

(925) 689-0529

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $260.

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Im sure your dog does shed however that ultimately can clog your vacuum just a thought :)

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