Jessup, Maryland

I had a very bad experience with one of the seals rep at Sears store at Columbia Maryland. I was at their watch/jewelry section. The person who suppose to help me was nasty, rude with a horrible attitude. She asked me to take my business somewhere else! This surprised me and shows how unprofessional and uneducated saleswoman can hurt a reputation of a historic well known store!

Another bad experience I have with sears is the rebate I suppose to receive. I had to call and follow up for a rebate which was promised to me by Sears for the purchase of a washer and drier at the above branch. Customer service was poor responding to my multiple requests. Mangers were uneducated with lack of respect for customers! I never got my rebate and I promise myself not ever purchase anything from Sears anymore.

Monetary Loss: $850.

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Sears and their customer service if u can call it that.They were nasty incompetent and to think I took time of work for these *** to come and fix my washing mashine :( :( :(


Robert, it sounds like you don't believe there are rude people working at Sears. Obviously, you've never encountered one of their reps who just don't want to deal with any issue and cop an attitude at the customer. I've experienced this myself as well as witnessed it with other customers.



It sounds to me like you've never dealt with Sears otherwise you would know how horrible they are. I'm still dealing with them regarding a tv that their tech broke.

Another of their tech said with his own mouth that the first tech was the one that broke the tv and they are still fighting me on this. It turned out that the first tech had no clue what he was doing. He took screws and plugs out of my tv and just left it like that.

You must be an *** to actually defend sears. I can't wait until they go out of business.

#12971 walked into Sears and, without any provocation, a sales rep told you to leave the store?

That must have been a very mean and angry sales rep! I'm sure your conversation with the store manager was very productive.

Oh, wt. You didn;t talk to the manager about the unwarrented verbal assault, you just ran home and posted it on a web site. Yeah. You sound very believable.

What did you do, pass a bad check there before? Scream at him to come deal with you, even though he was already assisting another customer?

Sorry, but rudeness begats rudeness.