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we bought a stove top at Sear about a month ago. And one of the stove top that the Tech person connected has a gas leak.

So we reported it to Sears and PG & E. So the Tech person finally comes to check and he only confirms that there is a gas leak and didn't do anything.

He didn't even have any tools with him to fix the stove top. Now we have to wait for another appointment. When it is time again for the appointment

no one came to tell us that the person that was suppose to fix the stove top was sick. NO PHONE Calls!

This is really a hassle since we need to go out to buy our food. And they are indangering our lives. Cause if we didn't notice that there was a gas leak we could have died.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cooktop.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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