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I bought an refrigerator from Sears yesterday. For delivery, they only gives you a fixed two hours window.

Though they promised to call 30 minutes in advance before the delivery. They did not. When the delivery guy came, what they do are so unprofessional. It seems that they just want to leave as soon as possible.

They took a look at my kitchen and said the space is one quarter inch short... I measured it before and knew it would fit. I asked them to remeasure it..they did not. So they left.

Then I called their delivery department, service center.....all bad experience. I requested to talk to their manager, then they just put my call on hold, no response anymore. And the service person is very impatient and has a bad attitude. Now, retailing business is all about service.

If they could not even guarantee give customer a good service experience, how could they survive in the market. For my experience, I will not choose sears for anything anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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