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i'll probably get fired from my position, however this is the truth. from 11/01/2016, thru 11/03/2016, because of the new 30 day return policy and lost receipt, I've lost 3 members and their family and friends.

merchandise to return was still current items. cost of these items was well over $300.00 dollars. members walked out irate. one threw the items, one was under the impression the policy was 60 days,the other swore and vowed she would never shop sears again.

we who are behind the counters are frustrated and actually take abuse. this comment is true and accurate and I've loved sears for years.

I pray that the corporate bureaucracy wakes up. I can also comment on many other problems that are killing sales.

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Muncie, Indiana, United States #1236573

Are those people illterate? If so, I understand their inability to read the receipt, which - if it's like any other receipt ever - states the return policy.

Also, no return policy ever is going to stop a loser from being a loser. No person with class or dignity is going to throw an item that is "well over" $300. What purpose, at all, would that serve.

Sidenote, what is "well over" $300? Seems like a very odd amount to choose.

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