East Chatham, New York
Not resolved

Very disappointing Sears has been at my house three times so far to fix my washing machine and it still has not been fixed yet. They had scheduled me an appointment today between one and five.

I’ve been home since 11 o’clock. I just called to see when they were coming and the lady who I could barely understand speaking English said “ they tried to call me twice but nobody answered so they didn’t come to my appointment “ I checked my caller ID nobody from Sears called in fact only my mother had called and that was a two minute call. I know for a fact that they did not try to call me. I am going to end up canceling my contract.

Sears used to be a reputable company but it is not anymore. They’re useless in my eyes and I’m very mad

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is, indeed sad to see Sears now in the doghouse as far as repairwork for their products, but the saddest of all is their---and other corporations---use of barely understandable foreigners for their customer service reps. Best to never buy from a company that farms out there customer service to non-English proficient reps.


The upside to that is that if one of the people who runs one of the cheap motels needs to call customer service, they would feel right at home talking with the representatives.