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bought a bad expensive refrig. called for service, 4 times.

finally requested another model. they refused. said i was complaining on day 93, i had 90 days to get replacement. i have talked to at least 20 people, they all say sorry.

i am not through just backing up to refocus. you cannot speak with anyone that has authority to resolve issues. the reps i talked to just have a lisence to follow guidelines although they say they can do anything and authorize anything. sears and their service has gone the way of too many large companies.

they don't care about the customer, just profit.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Edinburg, Virginia, United States #24229

Mortimer, you are a ***. what do you work for sears?

Every reply I've seen you make in regards to any sears complaint is acusatory to the complainer. What this person here did was just give us the short version, how could this be the same "version" they gave Sears when it's just an outline? I'd be pissed too if I had to have 4 service calls in the first 90 days of owning a new-expensive appliance,and then 3 days after the deadline, they say "sorry, you're 3 days too late !!" there should be a little gived. Since you obviously have been going through the sears complaints, you should know that one of the most common complaints here is crappy customer service AND being unable to reach a supervisor or manager of any type.

HE SAID HE CALLED 20 effing TIMES !! How many times do you suggest he call before he get "just decides to get mad" (in your mind for no reason) the sales reps are slick as owl *** and make promises that are not kept by the service department. Once you own the product, you could just go to *** - Sears sucks ***, their prices are too high for the poor quality products they offer. At one time, people could depend on Sears, those days are OVER !!

They make tons of money off well-written service contracts and overcharging for parts and labor. I QUIT BUYING ANYTHING FROM SEARS YEARS AGO when I realized they had dollar store quality products for high end department store prices.

Slayton, Minnesota, United States #24031

Interesting what people leave out of their complaints. What was wrong with the fridge?

Was it a close-out model?

Did you call the store and decided to just get mad because a manager didn't pick up the phone?

Many things you could say in a complaint that can either give, or cost you, some sympathy. If your version here was the same version you gave Sears, no wonder you didn't get anywhere.

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