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In March 2015 our kitchenaid refrigerator failed - after several repair attempts in early April we were instructed to pick out a replacement model from local Sears store and the Kitchenaid was replaced by a Kenmore Elite model.

When the new fridge was installed I noticed a dent in the front. They were going to replace it with another one but instead just replaced the dented door.

On Monday 9/14 around 9am I noticed front ice/water was not working Nd an error code was on control panel. I called tech support and a very nice man walked me thru resetting it from my elec box as the plug is inaccessible as I can't pull unit out alone. The panel and door lights came back on. Around 4pm that afternoon I returned home and the fridge was over 60 degrees. I got on the phone immediate and started throwing food away.

We were told a new control panel would be ordered, I gave them our model number. They scheduled a Saturday due to all of the loss work time earlier in the year with repair issues. The part arrived Wednesday.

On Saturday tech # 0913301 came to our house. He started to remove fridge from wall space and I asked what he was doing - told him doors need to come off if he was trying to remove it from that area. He said it just needed reset. I told him that had been done prior to scheduling repair in home. He said the right part is not here, they are famous for that, I will order it and come back Monday. I told him I cannot take any more time off and I wanted to make a call to lemon dept before he left. He told me that wasnt going to change anything and started to leave. He had been here all of 5-8 minutes. I got upset at that point ( and yes used a curse word ) in getting my point across that I wanted him here when I got warranty dept on the line to tell them, it would require another visit. Last time at this point tech recommend new unit so that's why I wanted him to wait. He started packing his stuff and going for the door - I stood in front of the door and demanded a receipt for him being here as I have major food loss to recouperate. He threatened to call the police if I didn't move from the door. I again demanded a receipt - he finally complied and left.

This is insult to injury. First two broken units in six months, multiple service issues and a replacement over last 18 months and he doesn't have 3 minutes for me to get a warranty person on the line? Obviously if the wrong part was ordered there are communication issues in getting things done right and quickly.

The warranty person finally got to hear me explain that they can send another control panel but the unit was making loud racket from freezer/back area - so it may be more than the control panel. A lot of assumptions with no real diagnosis going on.

The expectation that a family can go 1 week - and now add two more for Sat service without a fridge is upsurd. I got clearance for a rental and had to pay out of picket $269.49 for deposit and rental fee. That and waiting up to 21 days for refund of lost food is an issue in itself.

There is no reason for us not to be getting delivery if a new unit at this time. Two downed units I. Less than six months, poor repair service, advancement of our money to have refrigeration, costs of eating out because we can't store regular amounts of food or but I quantity for better rates all needs to be taken in consideration here.

Reason of review: Bad service and poor quality product.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Service quality or repairman.

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