Here's a copy of the letter (unanswered) that I sent to sears:

Let me start by saying that I have been a life-long Sears customer and avid home mechanic (I'm in my 50's). I teach nuclear operations for a major utility and restore old cars and motorcycles as a hobby. Lots of people come to me for mechanical advice every day. Until recently, I have always recommended Sears Professional tools. The very first tool set I bought myself at age 18 was from Sears. I must have at least $10,000.oo worth of Sears tools in my garage in addition to a Sears ZTR mower, Air compressor, garage door opener and much more. I have a Sears professional mechanics tool set and tool chests that cost me ~$5000.oo in 1998. All my friends were ordering Mac or Snap-on, but I sang the praises of Sears and put my money where my mouth is.

Recently, my stepson, who comes to me for mechanical insights, asked me to get him a ratcheting wrench set for his birthday. He went out of his way to say that he wasn't much of a mechanic and something from Wal-Mart or Northern Tools would be fine. I would have none of that and ordered him a genuine Sears Craftsman set ( 1ZV614F2YW15018788 ). I also liked the idea of ordering on-line and having it delivered directly to his house(as I did with my other son when I ordered him a Gas Barbeque from Sears).

After entering all the required ordering data and my son's address, I was prompted for the billing info and entered it as directed. The order was completed but the confirmation showed MY address as the ship to address, not his. A quick call to customer service to correct this mistake resulted in a debacle involving multiple calls, multiple extensive holds, MULTIPLE DISCONNECTIONS and some outright hang ups! I even asked them if I could order a SECOND set (would keep the first one for myself), but could they please ship it overnight at no charge due to the distress I was experiencing. After a LONG hold I was told no and when I started to explaing what I am now putting in writing, the person didn't even wait for me to finish and hung up on me.

Now, I don't plan to keep the set coming to my address because every time I use it it I'll be reminded of this terrible customer service experience.

Finally, you must know that I was never abusive to your people, but once they felt that they couldn't help me, they hung up.

I'm very disappointed and will share this perception when asked.

John xxxxxxx

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