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After many calls again, on Dec 21 I got Jennie who said she was not receiving my massages but did see in the system that the project was updated with my issues of no working shower and wall issues. If she did not ok, but I left massage on every voicemail I could and if they system was updated to show my issue which she read why not call me about it!!!

She states I am going to call a plumber and the installer to see who can get to me first to fix the issue, she would call me back the next day with an update. This did not happen, so on 22 towards end of day I called her and was told no one can get to me until the next week, no problem I state as I was heading out of town for the holidays, ok she would call me never happen to this day Jan 3, 2018. On Dec 26, I received a call from Sear stating they are trying to figure out what issues I have to my installation and I express my disappointment and asked once again for my countertops, they promise to get back to me, this has yet to happen as of today Jan 3, 2018.Dec 27 the district manager called to say a plumber would be there at 10:30 am, he came, fix the shower so it can be used and took pictures per Dan Church to see the extent of the shower wall coming away from the house wall he also noted other areas, he was told not to do anything about it just send pictures. On Dec 28, I received a call asking how I like my countertops, I stated what countertops I have nothing, no work, no countertops and no idea what is going on because no one has called about it and when I ask when to expect it, they say I need to contact the project manager on this issue they are another department and cannot help.

On Dec 29, I received a call asking how I like my new shower, I stated I can now use it but there are still installation issues that need to be corrected, I was told they would look into it and have someone call me, no call back to today Jan 3, 2018.I have no countertops and a shower wall coming away from the house wall and still no calls from anyone!!!!!! But yet I am paying a monthly bill which they are quick to take out of my account each month on time.!!!!!!!Start project Sep 29, 2017 and today dates is Jan 3, 2018

Original review posted by user Dec 19, 2017

On Sep 29 17 I entered into contract with Sears(via Agent Shirell Wilder Greensboro 336-291-9926) home improvement (#22844233) to install a master shower and install granite counter tops in my kitchen and all 3 bathrooms. On Nov 1st I call and spoke to Dan Church Greensboro 336-291-9926 on the status and someone came out on Nov 3 to install the shower (no update on the countertops), After removing my old shower the installer state he cannot install because of the way the water pipe is arranged and there was no way anyone would have known until after the old shower removal.

I called Dan Church right away and he state he cannot get a plumber out to me for another 2-3 weeks and I can get my own plumber to move the pipe so they can carry on, no problem my plumber came out on Nov 7th and state there is no room to move the pipe and he cannot drill in the frame to make it go through, his suggestion was to find another way and not mess with it. I called Dan Church right away and no answer so I left a message, I called again on Nov 8, 9, 10 all leaving a message by voicemail and by anyone who answers the phone no one replied. Finally, on Nov 13 when I called I was told he was on vacation, so I asked why wasn’t I told this I have been calling for a week and who can I speak to, I was transferred to Jennie Morris Greensboro 336-291-9926 no answer so I left a message. No return calls so on Nov 16 I called and got Jennie she told me she was new on this and would gather info and call me right back.

Never happen so on Nov 22 I called again got Jennie and she states she was looking into it and I ask to get out the contract she would look into it but I would lose my deposit I state but the deposit onto the countertops and let’s move forward with countertops and forget the shower, she could not do that and will speak to a sale person and let me know. I asked the status on countertop she had none and state they were not ordered yet (it’s now going on 2 months). Jennie called me back same day and said they have 2 options I could move at my expense the shower to the other side lose 1ft by putting up a wall or just put up a wall lose 1ft and bring all the shower forward, I said no, there was a seat there before let’s just put it back there, no can’t be done I was told. Jennie state she would call me back Nov 27th to update.

I promptly called the 1800 number and ask to speak to a manager after voicing my disappoint and I was put on hold no manager came on but I was told a sales agent would call me in 30min, that never happen. I promptly called the original sale agent no answer, so I sent her a text outlining everything and she replied talk to Jeannie I replied that was not going anywhere and state, do not text me anymore please call me or have someone call me, this never happens (I have all the text saved). No call back on Nov 27 as promised, I waited until Nov 30 still no call so I called and asked what is going and again voice my disappointment. Jennie said and I quote “oh you can’t get your money back and you have to pick one of the 3 options we gave”.

I told her the 2 options you gave sucks and I don’t like them and I don’t know what the 3rd is because this is the first you are saying. Her 3rd option was to put the seat in that spot to hide the pipe and run the pipe through it. THIS WAS MY ORIGINAL IDEA FROM WEEKS AGO. I state this to her and I said I have this in a text I sent also.

At that moment, I said let’s move forward and get this done and I was told she would call me back the next day and also have a salesperson call me back, this never happens. I waited from Nov 30 to Dec 6 no call so I called on Dec 6 to ask what’s going on and I was told the installer would be there on Wednesday, Dec 13 at 10:30 to install I would have to pay for my plumber to come out and be there while the installer was there so he can unhook an re-hook back the pipe, no problem I called the plumber short notice and he was able to come on that date and time, so I called Jennie back and confirm and she states she would call me back Dec 8 to confirm after she spoke again to the installer. No call back on Dec 8 so I called got no answer left a message. No call back still so I called on Dec 11 to check again and was told oh the installer can’t come until Dec 14 at 12 pm, once again no problem I called the plumber short notice and confirmed the new time.

The morning of Dec 14 no call from Jennie confirming so at 10:30 I called no answer, I called again, I ask the person that answered when I called again to get her now or anyone to tell me if the installer is really coming today because if the plumber shows up I still have to pay him if the installer comes or not and that’s not fair. Jennie calls back and said yes, he will be there at 12:00. At 12: 50 no installer so I called again no answer, I called again and the person answering the phone state Jennie is at lunch and so is everyone, I stated I did not care my plumber is here and on the clock and there is no installer get someone here now!!!. No one called me back on that matter and the installer showed up 12:50 by then I already was into the plumber for an hour of pay for seating and waiting.

The installer worked until the 5ish PM left and came back the next day to complete. During this time, no one ever called back. The work completed on Dec 15 but we could not use the shower the installer called Jennie and I spoke to her told her the work was ok I could not check the shower until next day. By this time, I have no excitement about this very expensive shower I asked what about my countertops she stated they were not ordered yet and she would call me back the next day with an update.

Dec 16 the next day I get ready to use my shower turn the handle and it came off in my hand, I put it back on to see what else is wrong before I make the call and it won’t turn to hot at this time I notice the installed wall is coming away from the house wall it stuck to in a couple of places (have pictures), very upset I called no answer so I left a voice message. No one called me back on Dec 16, on Dec 18 no call back so at 12 pm I called no answer so I left a message. On Dec 19 (the day I am writing its now 11:30 am) and still no callback. So, I have no shower and no countertops but I am already 3 months into paying the bill for items I don’t have.

This is so stressful and disappointing. I spent $27,596.86 plus plumber fees and have nothing to show for it shame on each person involved in this matter. Phone call as far back as my phone would allow and text along with pictures attached however I was not allowed to upload all of them. Started Sep 29, 2017, today’s date Dec 19, 2017, way more than the allotted time frame.

I want out of everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jessica and Rodney Miles Very stressed, dissatisfied and disappointed

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Shower Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, no finish item, etc, etc.

Preferred solution: Get the work done ASAP, out of my countertop contract, better communication through the process and refund for my plumber fees..

Sears Cons: Communication and process, Do not pick up the phone during work hours.

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Have you reviewed your contract. Does it state anything about deadlines or breach of contract, etc?


Nope it doesn’t, I did read about unforeseen events which the pipe issue is but they kept saying they offer me options.


Here it is the 21 and still no call back or working shower or countertops