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My name is Robert Ellis. I purchased a Kenmore French Door refrigerator online through Sears Outlet. When I made my purchase, I looked at the online pictures very carefully and contacted the store to make sure the refrigerator I was buying had NO damage. I did this because there was another refrigerator of the same model that had damage to the door and dents on the side. When the refrigerator arrived at my house, the delivery person made me and my wife aware of damage to the refrigerator they were delivering. I refused delivery. (I would like to say that Ariel, the delivery person was very professional and very helpful.)

I was informed that Sears Outlet would be contacting me about the situation with the refrigerator. Instead of waiting to be contacted, I reached out and contacted them. I spoke to a representative by the name of Hillary. She was helpful to a point. After I explained my situation, Hillary tried to make contact with the store where the refrigerator came from (Newark / Eagle Run in Newark, DE). She was unable to get anyone to answer the phone (I have been on hold with the store for 20 minutes while writing this letter). Hillary said she would try again to get in touch with the store and would call me back within an hour. That never happened.

I then call the store and talk to a sales associate who was unable to answer any questions or to be able to assist me. She passed me off to her manager, a Chris Pino. I explained again to Chris my situation. He looked up my transaction and took my information and said he had to research where the damage might have occurred. Chris told me he would call me back within a couple of hours to tell me when he would be sending out a replacement refrigerator. That NEVER happened. All this started on Wednesday (9/11/2013).

I reached out to Chris Pino again on Thursday to find out when I could expect delivery of a refrigerator and to find out why he did not call be back as he said he would. I talked to Chris and he said that the Customer Service people left him a message that I had called and he thought I was dealing with them (that message was from Wednesday when no one answered the phone). He then told me that he no longer had the damage-free refrigerator in his store and he was trying to locate another one. Again he told he that he would call back the same day to let me know the status. I asked him how long was he looking, time-frame wise, and he said it could be as early as Friday (the next day). Again, NO call back.

At this point, I am getting frustrated and my wife is very upset since we don’t have a refrigerator and it seems that SEARS doesn’t really care if we get one or not. It is now Saturday morning. I have made 2 calls to the Newark, DE, store and asked to talk to Chris Pino. Each time I was told that they would page him and was placed on hold. The first time I was on hold so long that the store’s phone system disconnected me. No one ever picked up to see if I needed assistance. I called right back and guess what, same thing again. Total hold time was over 30 minutes.

Not only do I not have a solution to get the refrigerator I ordered and paid for (and I have offered a couple to Chris and to customer service), but now the sales associates and their manager can’t even answer the phone or to verify that I have been helped. (Being a retired telephone manager, I know how a phone system works; obviously, your people don’t know what a flashing light means or they are just sending me to nowhereland because they don’t want to deal with their customers.)

I hope this letter finds a person or a manager who knows what customer service is. I also hope that person cares about this customer. I would like a call or even a response to this email in which there is a solution to me receiving the refrigerator I ordered. Again, I have a few solutions that could resolve the situation (other stores have the refrigerator, etc.).

One UNHAPPY customer,

Robert Ellis

Sales check # 093220094911

I tried a third time at calling and, again, placed on hold even after telling the lady that I had already been on hold two other times. VERY SAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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Sears Response

Dear rlellis,

We appreciate you for taking the time to reach out to us, and sorry for the troubles encountered with the delivery of your refrigerator. My name is Edwin and I’m with the Sears Cares Social Media Support team. We would like to talk to you and assist you in resolving this issue as well as looking into this matter on your behalf. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (rlellis) and the phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we apologize and we hope to speak with you soon.

Thank you,

Edwin C.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support