If i would have know i was buying a product from someone else other than sears i wouldn't

have done it. This new thing your doing is very deceiving. i can't even return my product to a store

because someone else filled my order. totally ***.

you know the whole time i was think to myself. well i'll order this from sears and if it doesn't work

out i can at least take it back to a sears store. nope not the case hear. I can't pay to ship this item

back. the shipping would cost more than the product.

I am totally saddened by this and will no longer look at a sears.com or step foot in a store.

Yes and we are only talking a few bucks but that's my few hard earned bucks.

I hope you change your ways cause i can see more customers leaving you.

I will also post this on a few sites and forums to keep people informed of your new practices and return

policies with new suppliers.

Good Luck

Monetary Loss: $1.

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