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How long does it take to get service from your service department? There is no truth to your advertisement, for it really takes a long time. Case in point: the ordeal that has become to service my dishwasher. Let establish first the time line

On May 16th we place the first call and got an appointment for May 21th. The technician came and left, we were home but he reported that "no one was home". Did he come to my door???

We called back on the 23th to re-schedule; got an appointment for the 26th. But nobody came because there were no available technicians on that day.

We called back on the 27th and got an appointment for June 4th. The technician came but did not finish the job, he needed a part, and had to re-schedule for June 8th; on that day he could not finish his route because he was late receiving the part he needed.

We called on June 11th to acknowledge receiving the part and an appointment was made for June 14th. On that date the technician passed by to say he was coming back on the 17th to replace the part. But nobody came. When we called they told us that we were not scheduled for an appointment on the 17th and that the next available appointment would be on the 21st.

Among the many excuses I have heard over the phone is "a dishwasher is not emergency equipment". But I beg to differ: in a household with 5 adults, 4 kids and a dog, dishwashing is a full time job.

Maybe you have good intentions, but the road to *** is paved with them. The department in charge of providing service is not well managed and promises get broken left and right. This I learned by checking on the internet; there I found the complaints from other consumers about shoddy merchandise.

A product sold by Sears was well made; the service was seldom needed when the item was new. But the new trend of having all products made in China, or any place where cheap labor is available, with parts made anywhere else, produces gleaming sub-standard products that break often. Then you sub-contract the service which creates a communication chain that often gets broken.

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