A sales associate named Brent or Brett was not interested in helping me. I asked specifically for snap ring pliers, and his reply was that he didn't think they had any.

I decided to look around for them on my own since it was for an important project. After a few minutes of browsing I found 2 pair hanging on a hook. I wanted to let that guy know that yes indeed they were in stock. I saw him again while walking to the register and let him know that in fact they were in stock.

Also I thanked him for being so helpful letting ME look for them. I then suggested he learn the tools and their location. I became more frustrated after he showed no interest in acknowledging his poor behavior towards me. I cussed his *** out and told him I'd take them elsewhere to pay for them since I wanted NOT to deal with him any longer.

He was under the impression that I was going to leave the store with them and not pay, I was just going to another area to be helped by someone different. He insisted on following me and then took over the cash register of another employee. I gave him my phone number and it didn't come up, so he just gave me a full price total and I said nope, try again. 2 others followed as well and a female in dark clothing entered my email address and was able to give me my $13 freecash towards the pliers.

The whole negative experience could have been avoided if only he took interest in what I was searching for, hence the term CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. He needs a week of training so he becomes an efficient sales employee for your company in my opinion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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