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Just got off the phone with Sears Customer Care regarding my Sears Citi Card which I'd cancelled months ago, via their automated system, but never received a confirmation letter even though I was promised one. I received an addendum letter to the terms/conditions of the Sears Citi Card a couple of days ago for the card I'd cancelled months ago.

I finally got through to their service department and was asked for all the information a person would need to steal your identity: SS#; birth date; address; phone; etc. The person said they could not process the request without that information. This company does all it can to prevent you from cancelling your account.

And from what I'm reading from others' complaints, that's not all they do. I'm frightened by this, how can they get away with such abuse?

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Very deceiptful worst credit card ever Do not apply for sears anything credit!!!!!!!!!

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