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I am left with nowhere to turn. I would like to prevent this from happening from anyone else. Below is my story…

I purchased a dryer and new refrigerator from Sears. My husband and I have a large family (6 kids) so, you can imagine the expenses of feeding a family of 8. Anyway, the dryer we purchased was delivered with no problem other than we paid the “haul away” fee and the service men refused to take our old dryer away stating “oh, we will never get this up the steps, either take it apart yourself and we will come back and take it, or get a refund for the haul away charge.” Needless to say, My husband took it up and out to the trash himself and we were never refunded the “haul away charge” that we paid for. Sadly to say, this isn’t even my story… The refrigerator that we had purchased in late May of 2015 completely stopped working in the beginning of September of 2015. We lost all food in our “3 month old fridge” and we called Sears immediately. It was a Friday. The customer service representative told me that the earliest they could come out, was the following Wednesday (yes, five days from them). This was considered an “Emergency call” to them. (Good thing I didn’t need them for a life threatening call) Anyway, we were forced to go out and purchase a 4.5 “Dorm type” refrigerator to put in our small kitchen, in order to atleast have something to keep eggs, milk, water etc in the house. We estimated to have lost about $350 worth of food, including all the condiments, salad dressings and food that we had.

Sears told us that they would not reimburse any food loss because we didn’t’ purchase the “extended warranty” which takes over after the original warranty is over (basically, we only had the refrigerator for a few short months and the original manufacturers warranty was still in effect).

After waiting 5 long days and dealing with only being able to store small amounts of cold food in our tiny “supplement” refrigerator, the day was finally here for the repairman to come. The night before, we had a call stating that they would be here first thing between 8am and 9am whereas; we were supposedly their first service appointment. Wednesday came and went without a repairman in sight. Finally, late afternoon, I called Sears only to be told that the “repairman” had called out that day. I was also told to call the 1 800 number to reschedule. When I called, they informed me that they would not be able to come out until the following week because apparently they were backed up with the “Pope” coming the next weekend. (why that made a difference, I don’t know). As you could imagine, I was furious. I managed to search the internet and find a number in corporate Sears Solutions. I have to admit, I was in tears at this point. The nice lady heard my story and apologized. She pulled some strings and had a brand new, same model, refrigerator delivered the next day.

You probably are thinking, “happy ending” or “all is right in the world” again. WRONG! The refrigerator worked for about 7 weeks until we began to hear the same loud sound from the motor again coming from the new fridge. It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving that I awoke to a non-working refrigerator again. This time, I lost all the food in the refrigerator including all the Thanksgiving leftovers and the tons of Homemade turkey soup that I spent all day Friday making for our family ( I actually have photos ).. Again, all the condiments, foods, drinks, milks etc GONE!

Well, here we go again, called Sears again. This time was told they were so extremely busy but would call me back. They put in an “emergency alert” and said that someone would call me ASAP. I kept calling each day with no luck. We turned off the refrigerator (not being able to stand the loud sound-plus it wasn’t’ working anyway) and let it sit for a while. We turned it back on and were able to get it running, however, had to ensure it was on the highest level. It did seem to get cold again. On Tuesday, (4 days after the emergency call was placed) there was a knock at the door and SURPRISE!! It’s a sears repairman, unannounced! Lucky I was home, you are thinking… He spent about 5 minutes, moved the 3 bags of frozen broccoli 5 inches to the left” and called it a day. He said “it seems to be cooling off fine” I begged him to check into it further, telling him that we had just turned it off and on and he said, “if it happens again, call, and we will be right out”. Funny, right?!

Well, Sadly, my story doesn’t end there. With Christmas approaching and the refrigerator seeming to be running fine, I went on with my life, so to speak. December 26th , the sound started up again! I called sears only to be placed on hold. Late Sunday the 27th of December (yesterday) the refrigerator stopped working altogether once again.

So, here I am, once again, calling for an “emergency repair” from Sears. After speaking with several people, being hung up on 3 times and 45 minutes of wait time, I finally got a “manager” YAY! – not so fast… I was told that the next available appointment would be January 6th. This is 9 days from now. Am I supposed to just sit back, take a food loss of hundreds of dollars (total of 3 times) and just do nothing?? My husband works two jobs to support our family. We are a large family who as many, cannot afford for this to happen! So I am begging anyone that will listen, to tell my story so it will not happen to anyone else. I now want to make it my job to let people know not to purchase products from Sears. They do not stand behind their products and do not care the difficulties that their customers go through. If you research the internet, you will find hundreds of stories like mine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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