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This is a warning to anyone who has purchased a washing machine from Sears.

I have recently discovered that it is Sears official policy to take away the shipping bolts that are fitted to washing machines. These are fitted by the manufacturer to prevent internal damage during transport, but should actually be left with the customer as they need to be refitted if ever the machine needs to be moved (e.g. when moving house).

Sears informed me that the reason they take these away is because some customers were refitting the bolts needlessly and thus causing damage when they try to operate the machine.

However, who knows how many machines have been damaged when people move house but, because of Sears' policy, don't have the shipping bolts available to refit to their machines? Presumably by this stage though most machines will be out of the warranty period so Sears won't have to do anything about any damage that's been caused by their policy.

It took me about 5 frustratingly long phone calls to Sears Parts department to establish this and to get them to send me the shipping bolts, which should have been delivered with the washing machine in the first place. However, they have refused to send me the wrench (used to tighten the shipping bolts), which should also have come with the machine. My last conversation was with one of the rudest call center employee I have ever spoken to, who worked for Sears Parts Direct.

If you have bought a washing machine from Sears and think you might need to move the machine at some point in the future, my advice is to call up and insist that they send you the shipping bolts for your machine, as well as the wrench to tighten them.

They will try to charge you for these parts, but as they SHOULD have been delivered with the machine in the first place (and will be listed in the machine's manual as included 'parts and accessories'), you should argue to get them free of charge.

Perhaps eventually Sears will change their ridiculous policy of taking these things away in the first place.

If you haven't yet bought from Sears, I would definitely go elsewhere. Their after-sales service is dismal, and their parts department employees rude and unhelpful. Based on their handling of this one small issue I will certainly never spend another cent there.

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This is such a racket. All the big box stores do this.

It make's it harder for you to move the machine, to adjust the machine (leveling requires the wrench), and to sell the machine. It's almost as if appliance retailers and manufacturers are colluding to coerce people into buying new machines.

The bolts, wrench, instruction manual, and any other accessories that come with your washer, are part of your washer purchase. You own then.

They belong to YOU. Always demand that they be left with you, after the machine is installed.


I come from a family of many years who depended on Sears (from all our clothing when we were coming up to my parents washing machines/dryers and now mine). I don't see the same service that my Mom, my grandma and my great-grandma spoke about!

They have changed as a lot of "old time" companies have. :sigh


Sears is not what it used to be. I won't bore you with the LONG details of my Sears story but I will never buy from them again.

Home Depot was much easier to work with, they are far more organized, and their service plans are a lot less expensive. Bye bye Sears!


Purchased Sears front end loader washer machine. First year the seal went out on the tub (bearings) throwing oil everywhere including two loads of clothes that were ruined.

Sears would no replace or repair machine. Long story short I purchased a whole new tub with new bearings and seal and two years later the same part has again blown its seal again damaging clothing and needs to be replaced.

Sears again refuses to replace part or repair....machine gets minimal use family of three...obviously a defective seal on this but Sears does not back up their products...will never buy Sears again. FYI


Had the same thing happen to me. They delivered my washer and removed the bolts.

I am moving again (military) and the movers will not move the washer without the bolts. Called Sears, and they will send me the bolts for $90.

Sears should have left the bolts or they shouldn't charge for them when we need them. It is part of the price of the washer to get all the parts.


FYI. You don't need the bolts until you move, but when you do they aren't there.

Professional moving companies will not move the machine without it, so what do you do? If the bolts are left during delivery then you have no problem. If not, you may have to pay for them. It's quite simple as to why this is so frustrating.

Do you get it now simple ones???

I'm about to find out because I have movers coming in 10 days and just found out that I don't have the bolts. For those of you who don't think it's a big deal, maybe you can come help me move my washing machine from CT to NC after the movers leave it here.




Never mind the washer, I wouldn't do business with SEARS period. Just got my new bill 28.8% interest, we don't need sleazy companies like that here in Canada.


Unbeknowing to me I purchased a L.G. from Sears.

They do not know how to repair this machine. Water stays in the dispenser once the washing cycle is complete. They have been to my house over 6 times, ordered another dispenser tray and still it stays full of water and the water drips down the washer onto the floor. I have a service agreement and it is up next month.

They are waiting until renewal time and will not replace the unit even though I have called L.G. regarding this problem. I have a bad machine, paid for, that will not empty the water. What does it take?

:( :( :( Your company is ridiculous. You take the customer's money and then do not follow through on the actual repair or replacement.


shipping bolts should always be left with the customer and if not then the customer should request them before the delivery ppl leave. What most ppl don't realize is that the delivery ppl usually remove these bolts before they move the washer into your home.

These bolts should not be removed until the machine is level and ready to be slid into position in the home otherwise damage may occur. Also you can tip these machines up to a 45 degree angle without damaging them but if you lay them down it can unhook the support springs and or shocks that hold the tub in place. Anytime you get a new front load appliance always watch to insure the bolts are there when it is brought into the home. If not then request they be put back in or a different machine be delivered.

Also once the machine is set up and you are told it is ready to go. Reach into the basket and see if it moves freely. Also check the door boot as it should be straight and wrinkle free. Do this before the delivery ppl leave because if they damaged it or forgot to remove the bolts and leave it is your problem until you call repair service.

I have found many machines that have been damaged by installation that could have been prevented or the shipping bolts were left in and the cust ran the machine causing severe damage to it. Leaving the bolts in can break the outer tub and crack the frame on some machines. It can also cause the machine to dance and walk causing floor damage. Also don't ever lay a front loader over on its side.

there are computers that are mounted in the cabinet that can also be damaged.

Take into mind that Sears Delivery ppl are not sears employees but are private contractors. They are paid by the delivery kind of like a truck driver is.



And Im tired of hearing Associates at Sears are rude, i Have bought all my appliances and toold, and lawn and garden toold from sears and not once have they bin rude to me!! Have you ever thought maybe you have a attitude or your rude!


I was going to buy a washer/dryer set from sears they was very rude to me I wanted to put $100 down and pay the rest when I got my bank loan they refused they told me to apply for a Sears card and put in on the card and pay the card off when I got my loan i called the headquarters and I told them I was going elsewhere to buy it I ended up getting a whirlpool set for $300 cheaper than Sears


thank you Margaret...i totally agree....she is spreading a stink over something so ***....i mean we all know that a washing machine WILL NOT work or MAY break down shortly after you start using the washing maching without these tiny bolts....lol...OMG..grow up!!! :cry


So, you bought a washing machine, had it delivered, and the delivery drivers did exactly what they are supposed to do.

Either you're planning to move very soon, or you're raising a stink over some bolts that, if you handle the machine gently, you probably don't need anyway. I get such a laugh reading about picky people like you.