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Sears appliance warranty doesn't cover installation issues when not installed by a sears technician. The technicians say to just call and set up the free installation through the warranty/protection service.

However when I attempt to do that, they won't do it. They claim they will not install it. So, Sears says only if installed by them but they won't install it? That's just not right.

It's flat out wrong and crooked. Sears is happy to take my money so they can screw me.

How sweet of them. I'd like them to install my gas dryer and washer so they'll cover it...

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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I've been told I need to let people know whether or not I've gotten anywhere with my complaint with Sears.

I have not. I postulate that it is because they really don't care.

I've had them out twice in the last week for my washer, and now I still need them back - because the technicians did not do a good job. My washer now makes an awful sound when doing a regular size load.

It's frightful how bad Sears is. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.