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Home Maintenance Service/Warranty/Protection Agreements

(If Applicable to your situation & problem): The Federal Trade Commission has a Consumer Information page concerning warranties and subsequent definitions as to your the pursuit of action, should you want to delve further. Remember, RESEARCH, STUDY and PERFORM within the points outlined above. I am out of the direct fight with Sears, as they have conducted and performed well to my mother's dilemma and assisted us in making it right for her. Ultimately, this is what I subjectively offer in OPINION, after assessment, in how her experiences and outcome can relegate and assist each of you:

Remember the approach, three variables to be address, executing the proper variable according to the specific details of your situation. If the 'limited warranty' has not yet expired, your course of action would be directed toward where you purchased it from (which you have in many regards), and the ultimately liability would be to enter into a centrifuge of more problems.

However, for major home appliances, HVAC, etc., a protection agreement would minimize the cost of repair and replacement, IF it is through a Sears vendor or an independent contractor on Sears' behalf. In lieu of such information, you can politely request a third party repair contractor, who has professional, expert technicians who are trained/certified to insure such an inquiry aligns with your experiences and proofs, and it may be such action to persuade Sears/SHC to have an independent and unbiased review of their own contractors/vendors. The expectation is that Sears follows through with the 'important promise' to stand behind everything they sell (2018, FTC/articles/0252-warranties).

Please let us know how everything turns out, should it be a successful venture. As consumers, we rely upon one another to assist and offer suggestions as how to combat these issues.

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