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In 2004, I purchased a Kenmore top load Washer, Dryer, and 5 year extended warranty from Sears. My washer stopped working in the 4th year that I had it and I called Sears warranty department to have it fixed. To my amazement, they did not have a warranty recorded for my washer. I explained where I purchased it and the location as well as the price - $1,100 (total cost with 5-year warranty).

On the day that I had purchased my washer, dryer, and 5-year warranty; I also paid for the same style washer, dryer, and 5-year warranty for one of my friends. I asked her to call and see if her warranty was recorded - and hers was recorded and the warranty was to expire on September 2009. I used various phone numbers to see if any of them would pick up the warranty, but to no avail. I am at a lost. I paid for a 5 year warranty on my appliances and Sears never recorded it in their system. In addition to that, they don't even have my dryer listed as being purchased. I even asked if they see the washer and dryer being delivered by them, to my house. Nope, that wasn't in their either. However, they have the model numbers of both the washer and dryer. Obviously, the store associate, took my money for the warranty, but did not record my warranty when I made my purchase.

Sears stole my money.

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Take your receipt to the store and have them correct it.

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