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This was the worst Customer Service I have ever been provided. I have a Kenmore refrigerator that I bought last year on 2/19/2014. For the past 3 months it was made a horrible buzzing noise at night that is not normal. My wife is currently 8 months pregnant and we are remodeling our home. Since I waited until March to place a service call due to my very busy life, My Kenmore fridge was two weeks out of warranty, and therefore I could not get it serviced without having to shell out a lot of money that could be used towards many other important things in my life. While I understand that I did wait until after the warranty expired by a fraction of time, there is such as thing as CUSTOMER SERVICE. Sears used to stand by their products, and to sell me a Kenmore fridge that malfunctions in 10 months time, and then giving me a hard time getting it fixed due to a hectic life is poor customer service. I have purchased nothing but Kenmore appliances for my home and will never purchase from them again. After many calls and complaints, and going into the store, the local Sears manager offered to do a return / exchange for a new fridge, but I would have to purchase the 5 year extended warranty, costing $500. What would have been free 3 weeks prior to get the fridge fixed, I now have to spend this much money in order to solve the issue. Your company does not care about customer service, or my life, or standing by it's products, because you found a way to get more money from me even though you sold me a terrible product.

Setting up delivery with Sears was an absolute nightmare. My wife has many Doctor appointments and as I stated before, we are remodeling our home before our first child will be born in a month. We do not have time to schedule a delivery time that is convenient for ONLY your Delivery team. Sears insisted that they could not delivery the fridge after 3pm when my wife and I would be out of work because they ‘do not deliver in that area at that time’. Which is absurd. Since Sears had to be slightly inconvenienced, I then I had to cancel other appointments in order to schedule a delivery date that was convenient only for SEARS. Despite contacting your customer service department and telling them we couldn't get things delivered when YOU wanted to, we continued to receive calls from Sears insisting that they would delivery the fridge at times we had already told them was not good for us.

The customer care agents never seemed to record anything down in which we told them. We received calls the next day as if our requests were never heard and were blatantly ignored. I will never shop at sears again and will tell everyone I know in this area the terrible service we received through your company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Salesmen.

I didn't like: Delivery experience, Service, Home delivery, Customer service.

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