I looked at a washer and dryer which my wife wanted from Home Depot, and decided I would purchase the same unit from Sears instead. I called customer service (national and the Lawton, Ok store) to make sure the items were in stock and that they would be installed. The customer service person told me I needed to purchase a new gas line if service was going to install the dryer (which I did). Then placed the order including a new gas line and a haul away charge for the old dryer making sure that the units would be both delivered and installed and the old dryer hauled away.

The units arrived today, and I was told, "We can not install the dryer because it is gas and a plumber must do that. Additionally, we can not remove the old washer because a plumber is required to shut off the water (there is a shut off faucet right at where the washer hose connects). Additionally, they could not hook up the washer because it must have new hoses and a plumber must turn the water on."

Obviously, since they did not uninstall the old unit,and could not haul it away either.

The washer and dryer cost about $150 more from Sears, and then there was a delivery and haul away charges bringing the total about $250 above the price from Home Depot where I would have had to pick up the units and then install them myself (I'm 66 yrs old).

I have probably $20,000 -$25,000 of items Purchase from Sears in the last several yrs mostly tools), but I will never purchase another item from Sears!

Now, after delivery, when I called customer service, they said, "Oh, the delivery/install people can not do anythng with gas!"

Customer service did offer me a gift certificate, but only for $25.

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I had a simliar thing happen to me and my wife just recently. When the Sears guys came out they couldn't hook up to the gas line we currently had..

So I told them just to leave the old dryer as is and we will have a plumber fix the line. Well guess what they broke our gas line that we currently had in place. So we couldn't use our old dryer. So we went to use our new washer and water was just pooring out of the bottome of the washer..

I finally told them to come pickup both the washer and dryer and refund my money.. They gave me a hard time refunding the delivery and installation charge.. I told them then they can just pay my plumber bill since their techs broke my gas line.. I'm still fighting with them...

Sears = Horrible customer service.. I will never buy anything again from Sears.


Should have gone to Lowes.

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