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As a Christmas present my mom bought my husband and I a washer and dryer set earlier this month at Sears. It was originally suppose to be delivered on 11/13 but had to change it to the 11/20.

November 19th I get a phone call about a 2 hr window. The 2 hr window works fine. The next day I rush home from school since I am expecting it to arrive between 930-1130. Around 930 AM I get a call from the call center saying just the accessories for the washer and dryer will arrive and not the washer and dryer themselves.

I told the lady I was confused as to why I'm just expecting the parts and not the washer and dryer. She tells me to call the store. I call the store and he tells me he'll call and see what's going on. An hour later he calls saying it will be here at 1130.

1 PM passes and it's still not here. I call the call center and she tells me they are at spot 4 and I'm 5. 4 pm comes mind you I was hoping to take a nap that day since I work retail and had to go in at 9 pm that night to help with Black Friday Ad Finally fed up I call and ask for a store manager. I get a hold of him complaining about how this has ruined my day's plans and that I have to work soon.

He calls me back an hour later to confirm that the dryer isn't in the warehouse and that is why it wasn't delivered. I told him why couldn't they just tell me that and not keep me hanging all day. He didn't have an answer. This time we reschedule for Sunday Nov 25th.

I call to make sure it's coming this time. It doesn't show again. I called to complain about how sick I am of this delivery and how there's no communication. If it was my own money I would have already got my money back.

The call center tells me that it's because the delivery date is for 11/25/2020. Umm.. Why would I buy a washer and dryer in 2012 and use it in 2020. Makes sense????

I tell him what the call center tells me and he calls them to see what's going on again. This time he tells me the dryer again isn't in the warehouse but will be here December 1st. I tell him if it's not in the warehouse then you shouldn't be scheduling deliveries. He reschedules the delivery for this Sunday.

I say ok that will work for me. Earlier this week I get an email about my delivery and it says December 1st. I told them that day didn't work but the 2nd would. The first would be the day the dryer is available.

I called them tonight to make sure it was scheduled for the second and not the first. It was scheduled for the 1st. I told her that won't work for me. She was rude and very impatient as I was trying to give her my receipt info.

I give it to her and she tells me I'm just getting the accessories again. I told her no I am expecting the accessories and washer and dryer. She then tells me to call the store. Already pissed off I call the store and ask for a manager.

I get a hold of the same manager that I've been dealing with and tell him my issue now. He tells me he'll call me back. 2 hrs pass and he never did. I call the store and tell an associate what's going on.

She tells me she'll call me back in 15. She calls me back in 15 and tells me that it was the accessories to be delivered Saturday and the washer and dryer to be delivered Sunday. I told her the lady never once told me about the washer and dryer being delivered on Sunday (which was the day I was ok with) She left that small detail out and just mentioned the accessories. She then tells me it will be all delivered on Monday.

I said ok that's fine. I hope it gets here Monday because I am so sick of dealing with a company who can't seem to deliver a washer and dryer. Their communication is horrid. I would deft go somewhere else for an appliance.

Don't waste your time!!! If something goes wrong Monday (not holding my breath) I will try my hardest to get my mom's money back.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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