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I want to file a formal executive complaint. I will be in contact with the BBB tomorrow if this issue is not resolved by then.

I placed an order on 5/30/15, for an Electrolux Washer and Dryer. From the start everything was an issue on the order. First, the person who took my order over the phone completely butchered my address. Then, I was contacted later that day by a delivery man saying he would be there the next day.

This is when I found out that my address was completely incorrect. I mean come on, the sales person put St Rd. How is that even possible? The delivery person was able to fix this issue.

The second part of this issue was the delivery date. It was off by a full month. He was trying to come 6/1/15 and I specifically said it could not be delivered until 7/1/15. Again, he was able to fix this issue.

Later that day I was reviewing my order and I not only realized that I was charged $69.99 for one installation and delivery but that there were no washing machine hoses in the order. I called to add this to my order and was told I would be unable to do that it needed to be a new order and they would deliver it separately. I finally convinced them to at least get it tacked on to the same delivery so that they would be there at the same time in order for the order to be complete and installed. Now, skip forward to today 7/1/15.

It was supposed to be an exciting day. This exciting day turned into a nightmare very fast. The delivery and installation was confirmed the previous day. When the delivery men came they were quick to drop things off and I was confused.

Kenny, showed me his work order paper that specifically said to leave in crate. Now, this makes absolutely no sense. After paying $2,500 and INSTALLATION and delivery being included in the price you would expect them to complete their job. I am 5'2" why I would ever agree to setting up a stacking washer and dryer myself is beyond me.

I immediately got on the phone with customer service while the delivery men were still at my location. They asked to speak to the driver and instructed him that it was in fact part of my order to install the items and that they should go ahead and do so. Because Sears subcontracts, Kenny and his co-worker were more concerned about whether or not they would get paid for the work. He insisted that because he did not get instructions from his manager he couldn't complete my request.

A request that was paid for over a month in advanced and scheduled. Kenny and his co-worker left the washer and dryer in their boxes in my garage no where near where they need to be hooked up and not stacked so I couldn't hook them up myself even if I wanted to. It then turned in to a big pathetic game of waiting on phone calls that were never intended on being returned. I was on the phone for an hour and five minutes with one lady Elizabeth.

She got a hold of a manager in the delivery department Jesse. Jesse was patched into our phone call and he insisted he would get a hold of his drivers and give me a call back within the next hour to see if they could return before the end of the day. TO COMPLETE THE ORDER THAT I HAD PLACED OVER A MONTH IN ADVANCE AND PAID FOR. They then put in a request for service to come on 7/3/15.

I told them that this would NOT be okay, as no one would be home because it is a holiday. Not only that, but I had allotted my whole day to sitting at home waiting for them to install my washer and dryer today. I did not place this order the night before, not even a week before, a WHOLE MONTH PRIOR. I should not have to give up another day to sit around and wait.

I also shouldn't have to wait another week and a half before anyone would be home to be available for the delivery. I obviously picked today for a reason, because it was convenient for me, the customer. Guess what? Jesse NEVER returned my phone call.

Almost 5 hours went by and I had enough. I called the delivery customer service office and restated all my grievances. I was again reassured that my order was in fact supposed to be installed and that a mistake had occurred. This time I spoke to Derrek in Florida.

He was able to get a hold of a manager in the delivery department, Tyler. Tyler told him that no one ever contact the drivers (i.e. Jesse lied and didn't do his job). Tyler said he would contact the drivers and get back to him.

Well, Derrek called about three times and sent about 2 emails with no response. I called Derrek back about 5 times asking for an update. He told me that they often have trouble getting in contact with the New Jersey delivery team. I have no idea how a company can operate not being able to get a hold of their drivers, not call customers back, and most importantly not go above and beyond to insure customer satisfaction.

I am completely dissatisfied with my experience with Sears. I will NEVER purchase anything again from your company. Alas, it is now almost 9pm and no one ever came back to finish the installation on the day it was confirmed and no one has called me back from the delivery team. I asked Derrek for their number so I could contact them myself.

I got in touch with Yani, who told me she would do her best to see if they could get them to return tomorrow instead of Friday. This was 2 hours ago I haven't received a call back and I called a second time and was told she was busy and would call me right back. So, now I will have to continue to make phone calls tomorrow to get this issue resolved. This is completely unacceptable for a business to operate this way.

I really hope actions are taken to resolve this issue so that it doesn't happen to someone else. At this point, I will continue to follow up until I feel some sort of satisfaction with the results. However, nothing can be done for me to ever make another big purchase like this from your company.

I have been completely disrespected, both my time and my money. Apparently my business is not good enough.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Delivery team, Customer service, Order not being completed.

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