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I Purchased a washer/dryer from Sears at their Charlotte, NC South Park location. I paid Sears $75 to have the W/D installed.

The Contractor Sears' used to install it snapped off the spigot that turns the water off/on to the washing machine. That was one of the first things he did. He does this all day long, why would he not use caution? He said he would fix it, he had 10 more stops to do that day and he needed a part and would come back, but he never came back.

We paid someone else to fix it and that cost us $130. Sears won't refund the install charge.


Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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Skeptic 100

Sears came out and took my working washer and dryer and replaced it with a set that they couldn't install because they didn't have all the parts and they knew it before they left the warehouse. They should have delayed this big waste of time by rescheduling the delivery for a time when they actually had what they were supposed to.


absolutely sears sucks. I'll never suckered into buying one again!

watch out people! they screw us.

I hate sears! I curse the day sears is built!


My husband bought kenmmore washer and dryer 2 years ago and had to have them come out for the 3rd time. They don't have any intention of giving us a better customer service nor giving us a new one or better one.

One of us have to take half day off to wait for them, too. I think their front loading washing machine is defective for sure. Concrete weight came broken and they ordered and came in broken again. I am going to coin laundry for 2 weeks when this happens.

I guess sears workers don't buy their own washer so they don't know how much pain this is... I will never buy sears again either.

I curse you sears! Keep screwing us and there will be no more customers who get suckered into buying your rotten washing machine nor lousy service!


I just had a similar installation experience today:

1. The guys came with black hands that left all the finger prints possible on the brand new washer and dryer and the newly painted walls - courtesy of Sears - maybe they thought it is Sears art left for free -- NO thanks!! I tried to offer them wet towels to clean their hands ...they refused as they don't need it

2. Supposed to do installation, I paid for the installation kit and they didn't even get a tape to seal the air gaps from the dryer vents. They told me to go and buy a tape and do it myself?

3. They didn't level the washer so the whole apartment vibrates during spin cycle!!

4. No cleaning at all, they didn't bring a floor covering leaving all possible marks and not even maintaining the covering I provided.

5. The testing was a joke, they didn't know how to install the drawer in the stacking kit.

6. I had to repeat myself several times for them to finally agree give me the 3-pronged cord I paid for!!

7. They ran into my neighbors stuff with no remorse.

Result: I have to re-do the correct installation myself again.

The attitude was not the best either ..

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