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I won’t bore you with the details – you have your own stories to share. Just know from my experience Sears Customer Care, and My Sears, and Sears Executive Customer Service, it’s all the same.

Don’t believe me? Write and see for yourself: There is a number you need to insert after “service,” any single digit will do. I have an accurate address that belongs to the one agent who actually had people skills and who genuinely tried to help.

I think someone berated her for that orientation and she went MIA, never returning phone calls or emails. She was poised to help but every subsequent agent I talked to had a scripted agenda to deny my claim. I was told my former representative was out sick. I very much hope that she was not made ill by the corporate climate.

In any event, do not believe the answering machine at 1-800-995-2139, (punch in any two digit number to get a rep), an OGM will tell you that you will hear from someone by 5:00 of that business day. Don’t count on it.

I would love to hear stories that are vastly different from my own. Like many Baby Boomers I grew up with Sears and there was a time the name stood for quality, value, and service..

Post your great experiences here and restore my faith. If not, feel free to cut, paste, and repost the contents of this message on the websites of your choice. Currently that is my plan. Generally, I would post my name but I am concerned that management in this case is a vindictive group.

There are stories on the internet entertaining the idea of Amazon acquiring Sears. That could be a very good thing for Sear’s customer and possibly the company as well. Amazon’s customer service is near to perfect. By the way, I told an agent last night I promised to chronicle my experience with Sears and post it for other readers.

“That is your prerogative,” she said. As if we didn't already know.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I have delivery of a refrigerator scheduled for tomorrow Friday 8/22/14. As I am handicapped and three doors leading into my house have to be removed, I called 800-732-7747 and requested a time of delivery so that I can organize someone to remove the doors for me and replace them after installation.

I was told that Sears Installation is not able to accommodate my request until this evening.

This does not allow me time or organize someone to come to my house to remove the doors.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and after a lengthy wait was told that the supervisor would not speak with me as there was nothing more she or he could do. I asked for the supervisors name and was told that I could not have it unless I spoke to that person.

When I told the customer service person (I have her name and employee number) that if I could not get the time of the Sears Service installation they would have to remove the house doors, she did allow me to request a time slot but qualified it by saying that this could not be guaranteed.

I am extremely disappointed that Sears are not able to accommodate the handicapped!


Mr. Jooma,

This order was scheduled for delivery yesterday morning.

I did not receive a call from the delivery people as indicated in the e-mail.

At approximately 12:20 PM when the window for delivery had passed by a half-hour I called customer service and was assured

that the refrigerator was coming, that we were the first scheduled stop and they were just running late. Well I was never contacted

by the delivery people nor did they show up.

This morning I called customer service again and was referred to the local store. When I called the store and spoke to the delivery department, I was put on hold, and after several minutes, was speaking to another customer service rep whom I could not hardly hear. She informed me that it was scheduled for delivery today and that she would tell the driver to call me.

That was over two hours ago and I've heard nothing. I sincerely doubt that a delivery would be made without contacting the homeowner first. I expected the delivery yesterday to go off without a hitch since I had received several e-mails in advance. It seems the people on this end had no idea that they were going to deliver a refrigerator yesterday.

It took a considerable amount of effort and inconvenience so I could get off work yesterday. Tuesday is not a day that I can readily get off. The day was not my choice but since I had a month in advance I was able to make it happen. Had it been up to me, today, tomorrow, or even Friday would have been better.

I am beginning to suspect that they don't even have the refrigerator locally. I guess everyone who has access to a telephone is too busy talking/texting to their friends to even consider a phone call to a customer to keep them updated on what, if anything, is going on. Since I was told that the driver will be calling me, I am in a situation again that if I decide to step out for a minute, that is when he will call. I can't take that chance.

I would appreciate your getting involved in this and letting me know what you find out. Just to update this even though I haven't heard from you yet. Since I need to leave the house to refill my blood pressure medicine I figured I better make a call to the local store again. I spoke with a JoAnn who only offered to reschedule for next Tuesday the 26th.

There is no reason for nondelivery nor was there any offer to find out why I was not contacted to let me know that they would not be here. I realize things happen, and I don't care what the reason is but it's inexcusable in this day and age of modern technology to communicate in some fashion with the intended recipient as to the status of their expected delivery. Needless to say I'm more than upset with the lack of communication. Among other things I removed our front door in preparation for this delivery.

Without knowing why delivery was not made yesterday, I have no reason to expect that it will be delivered on the 26th. Since I have no way of contacting whoever is handling the delivery and they did not contact me I would appreciate your getting to the bottom of this. I did not hear of any delivery vehicle getting hijacked, washed away in a flood, sucked up in a tornado or just plain old disappearing altogether. Please let me know what you find out.

This is definitely BS. I'm leaving now to go get my medications refilled as I am sure I'm not to expect a phone call or delivery.