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We purchased a Kenmore Dishwasher with an extended warranty a couple of years ago . Within the first 6 months it was having problems draining.

No problem, i set up an appointment for a tech to come out. The tech showed up and found that a mounting screw from the dishwasher was blocking a line causing it not to drain properly. It seemed to work better but still wasnt working great and wasn't cleaning the dishes. The second time he came out, he couldn't find anything wrong with it.

Again, seemed to work a little better after he fooled with it, so i kept using it. within 6 months, it was slow to drain and not cleaning. I called to set up an appointment. While the csr was looking for an appointment, she started trying to sell me another warranty of a different kind.

I asked her to read me the history on how many times the techs had been out, which caused her to tell me i wasn't getting a new dishwasher and that this was the first time they had been out for this dishwasher. long story short, they had two records for us on two different phone numbers. They still maintain, they've only been o our house once for this dishwasher. When I told her she was wrong and i wasn't buying anything else from them until they fixed this one.

She hung up on me. However, she did schedule an appointment, which i didn't know about so wasn't home when they did come. I was mad and let it go for awhile. But A few weeks ago, it quit draining completely.

I called to set up an appointment which was a week out. The called an hour before they were supposed to be here and said the tech wasn't coming he was sick. They rescheduled for today (another week out) and didn't show. After waiting all the way through my time slot, i called to find out if they were still coming and how much longer the tech would be.

Customer Service said they'd check and let me know. An hour later, nothing. I called again and they told me i was the 7th appointment and the tech was on number 4 and the day was 75%over. The CSR apologized and said there was just nothing she could do.

over and over and over again. I asked for the call to go to next tier, which she did. After checking, the supervisor told me he would reschedule me. Another week out.

I'm not sure what their game is, but I'm so frustrated that we paid for a warranty up front and now can't get the service. I understand a class action suit is being considered. I've never sued anyone in my life.

My husband and i have bought all our appliances exclusively from Sears for the past 25 years. However, if this is the best sears can do I will no longer purchase anything from them, I will let others know how i was treated and i will join the law suit if it means it will keep them from treating others this way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Dishwasher Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Sears Pros: I like the dishwasher.

Sears Cons: Inability to actually honor the warranty, Csrs can only apologize not solve problems.

  • Warranty And Customer Service
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That is how they treat customers, I would contact your local news media to get results. Rochester NY

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