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I purchased a Nordic Track Treadmill through Sears. It's not uncommon for a distributor to outsource the extended warranty - however - this is the stupidest company to use as a representative of your company.

I call to use my warranty on a the treadmill I purchased and the number has me go through the million options to "get me to the right operator" - whatever... - but I get to a person who can not locate my item within my account, so I have to get the information updated and then I get transferred to this company "icon" who is now ther owner of my extended warranty. But wait - they don't really deal with the customers, they just outsourced you to another company... ok...

so now that they have all of my information Right, I am told that they will contact the company that will come and fix my treadmill. And Then That company will contact me within 3-5 business days to then schedule an appointment with me. That is absolutely the stupidest thing I have every heard in my life. Then just give me the flippin number of the company you are using and I will call and have the appointment and parts taken care of myself.

What's the point of this extra comnpany "icon" (BTW, *** name) all they are doing is ruining the customer service experience.

It's ridiculous.

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It only makes sense that they want warranty repairs done by a certified technician. Would you want your new card serviced under warranty by the dealership or the corner garage?


Dear Cusomer,

I just read your review about your experience with us and wanted to offer my assistance with anything that you need. PLease email me directly.




Nordic Track has been a customer service problem for Sears for years . They only want Nordic Track certified repair technicians working on their equipment which causes hassles and delays . They treat the store employees about the same as the customer which means even if Sears made a call on your behalf they won't do squat .