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we as a family purchased a refrigeator from sears on 6/16. paid 1700 dollers, reaceved on 6/19 at 6 pm. which supposed to be deliver between 2 to 4 pm. the del person broke inside glass outside of my dryway, minor problem right, can be replace. Brought the ref inside the house, wife inspected the ref ,14 dents on the product.

del person calls the headquater ,they'll replace the

ref so we resedual the del. Next del came on 6/24 8 am. no problem right. Wrong, again a big dent on the door, once again driver calls the headquater to inform, the person on the other line will place a order for the door so the problem can be solved.

wrong again, I get a call in the afternoon from sears cust service, it would be hassel for them to

replace the door so on and so on, instead they will

give me a 100 doller gift certi for sears. Now i'm angry. I gave her a lectture and told her I would like

a new ref that i have paid for so once again i requested del date. She resedual the del on 6/26 between 4 to 6pm. No problem, i'll just leave work early, end of story. Wrong again, I get a phone call around 5:30pm from the answering machine that i'll

get the del between 10 am to 12 pm.I was on the phone after that for an hour switching back and forth between supervisor, specialist. Finally i got upset and cancel my order because no one can help me set up delivery time as it is we lost 21/2 days of work. They said everyting is automated so you have to keep reschedual delivery. No body wants to take responsibility to take care of the problem. I wa like yo-yo talking to each one and wasted my time and minute on my cell phone. Now i have to go buy another refrigarator NOT FROM SEARS THOUGH. Well, they lost one loyal customer but i guess they don't care. Only thing i'm worry about right now to get full credit on my purchase without loosing a dime. Otherwise anothe battle with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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Limerick, Maine, United States #21540

Martin, you obviously aren't on the internet much. The way Rakeshp5 wrote is common internet chat lingo and abbreviations. Now, don't you feel ***?

customer_rep defend
Hughesville, Pennsylvania, United States #19207

as a corporation they have to play it safe. they are not sure if the delivery man was the one who damaged your property or if you are just a fool with your refridgerator.

sadly enough there has been a lot of bad apples out there who have taken advantage of big corporations like Sears and because of that they have to ahear to a strict policy to protect their assets.

if they gave every angry customer exactly what they wanted they would be out of buisness. my advice in the future is to use a different company apparently sears outsources their deliveries and its not handled by a good company in your area.

Saipan, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands #19201

What did you do, get your 4 year old to type this? If you read as well as your type, I wouldn't be suprised if you misinform yourself about everything. I suppose it's Sears' fault you slept through school.

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