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I read in the paper that Sears is on the financial rocks and I don't doubt it at all. I was a customer of Sears for 50 years and remember when they valued a customer.

That is no longer the case. I bought a treadmill in the Northeast Mall Store in North Richland Hills Texas. The set a time for delivery which came and went without so much as a phone call. When I compained a couple of days later they acted like I was out of my mind.

I asked for my money back (credit card) and was told they wouldn't do anything until the warehouse validated that the treadmill had been returned to stock and then it would still be 30 days before the credit would be issued. There are a lot of people in the world now and many businesses think they don't have to value a customer because they can always get more --- well good luck.

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It took me about 7 hours of phone calling to get an elite Kenmore disher that was 13 months old replaced after going through 3 motors. The customer service is setup to confuse and frustrate the customer.It came to no surprise to me that they are closing stores.

They have forgotten the golden rule of treating customers fairly.

The billonaire owner and all of his holdings have completely lost touch with the market share that they had. Maybe they should try having focus groups with disgruntled customers in order to save the company, but then again it would be difficult to find a convention center large enough.

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