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During our recent kitchen remodel I purchased a Kenmore slide in electric range, model #46584, in the bisque color. I didn't consider another brand...we have always purchased sears appliances.

It has been 16 months since the purchase. The rubber gasket between the cooktop and the area under the burners has melted. The drip pans are dull and the paint is scraped off from repeated scrubbing. The cooktop is stained around the burners and the self-cleaning feature is giving a P-90 reading (my owner's manual says that the problem will require a kenmore technician). The door lock is stuck in the locked position and the timer keeps going off every 10 minues or so. I have to keep the range unplugged when I am not using it.

All this may lead you to belive that we have abused this appliance. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We work opposite shifts and only use it once or twice a week. We saved for ages to be able to afford these new appliances, and we have been taking very good care of them.

Every time we use a burner, no matter what temp or for how long, it leaves small brown/black spots that have to be scrubbed off with one of those green scratchy pads. The paint is wearing off around the two larger burners (I use them the most). I haven't used any abrasive cleaners, just an orange cleaner and the scratchy pad.

The same thing happens to the drip pans, only to a greater degree. They are an absolute mess after each use. Nothing boils over, no high temps, but spots everywhere.

I am really disappointed in this appliance. It's past the warranty period by 4 months and sears says I should have purchased the (150.00 service plan). I have an appointment with a service repair person this week. I am going to replace the drip pans with regular stainless ones (versus the bisque colored ones that came with it) and see what happens. I hate to lose the $629.00 I paid for the range, but it is not looking good for keeping it. It is becoming an eyesore in our newly remodeled kitchen.

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Kenmore iosn't Kenmore of the old days. Sears has gone over seas and their appliances have gone to ***!

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