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Ladies and Gentleman,

When I shop at a Sears retail location I expect to pay a little more for products because of the superior customer service that I have received in the past. If you have a perceived advantage in an area, why would you squander it in such a trying time for retail and the American economy as a whole.

I am currently in the most deplorable frustrating dilemma that I have ever experienced with any purchase I have ever made. I recently purchased a gas range at a local Sears and the debacle began with the delivery company refusing to take my old range(I paid for removal) because it was not unplugged (LITERALLY- REFUSED TO UNPLUG A RANGE WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN DONE AT EITHER END OF THE CORD-gas was disconnected) then I tried multiple calls to customer service which led to multiple disconnections. Is the poor communication infrastructure the result of outsourcing your call centers? When I did have the opportunity to speak with alleged supervisors they fail to return calls and then the call is disconnected and the cycle repeats. I understand the need to explore different avenues for savings but to what end? If you destroy the only value proposition you currently have, what is the business plan for sustained growth in the future. If I wanted the lowest price on a product I would spend my hard earned dollars at Walmart, they have perfected that model and along with that I would have expected little or no customer service. Since 1893, Sears has been the quintessential American retailer- please save some folks their jobs and turn around the floundering behemoth you all have been chosen to run.


Monetary Loss: $1400.

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