I have a Sole treadmill that is not working so I contacted Sears in March, 2015 to schedule the repair as I have warranty coverage on the machine. A technician came to my house several times, but the parts department kept sending the wrong part so the repair could not be completed. Thereafter, I received a phone call that the treadmill could not be repaired because Sears was having trouble getting the part and, instead, I was given a $1,200 credit to purchase a new treadmill.

I went to my local Sears store several times to purchase a new treadmill. I did not like the treadmills in my local Sears store so I wanted to purchase a treadmill online. The employees at the store told me I needed to speak to a manager to do this and a manager was unavailable on the numerous occasions I visited the store. As a result, I contacted Sears customer service to place the order for me. I was told I had to purchase the replacement through the warranty exchange department as they were responsible for giving me the credit. I tried to purchase the treadmill multiple times through the warranty exchange department, but could not get an order confirmation after many attempts of contacting customer service. I was told that the department through which they are required to place the order can only be contacted via email and they could not get in touch with them directly.

I returned to my local Sears store and finally found someone that was willing to place the order for me. We scheduled delivery for June 15, 2015. When no one contacted me that day, I called Sears and was told that the order was entered incorrectly and I was not scheduled for home delivery. The order was voided and reentered for home delivery. Finally, the treadmill I ordered arrived at my house on June 20, 2015. However, instead of a professional installer setting up the treadmill, the delivery guys did it. As a result, the treadmill was not set up properly. It squeaks and shakes when you run on it and the television does not work. Considering this is a brand new, $1,800 treadmill, this is completely unacceptable.

I called back my local Sears store and they scheduled a replacement treadmill to be delivered to my house. However, when they came to my house on the delivery date (July 3, 2015), I was told that we were scheduled for a repair and not a replacement. Even after this supposed repair, the treadmill still squeaks and shakes and the television does not work. Come to find out, the delivery man was not an actual repairman as Nordic Track repairs its own products, not Sears, and the delivery man was simply too lazy to bring in the new treadmill. I called back Sears customer service yet again to explain what transpired and was told that the truck would come back out to my house that same day (July 3, 2015) with the new treadmill, as the replacement treadmill was supposed to be on the truck. However, after waiting at my house until 6pm, no one called or showed back up so I contacted customer service once again. Delivery was rescheduled for July 6th and I was supposed to receive $100 credit from Sears for my inconvenience.

I received the usual phone call and email confirming my delivery date for July 6, 2015. However, Sears failed to show up yet again on that date. When I contacted customer service again, I was told that there is no scheduled delivery for my area on that date and I'd need to reschedule again. Further, I did not receive the $100 store credit I was promised.

Here I am four months and counting without a functioning treadmill in my gym and about $630 less in my bank account, not to mention the aggravation and frustration I've endured in having to contact Sears repeatedly to get this straightened out, to no avail. Do yourself a favor and avoid Sears at all costs.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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