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I have another complaint. This one is about Sears.

I have had credit with Sears since the early 80's & never any problems with them. Must be because they are tied Citi Financial now that they are becoming like them. We bought a little 12' flat screen tv for our kitchen. The salesman said it could be returned if we felt it was to small. We got it home, opened the box & no remote. I called right then & told another salesman. He called us back & advised they can order us one or we can return the tv. I asked him if we could also get a little bit of a credit because apparently it was an opened box & not brand new. He said no. So, we thought about it and decided if we are paying for a new tv then we we want new. We took it back to a Different Sears store since we were in that area the next day. I went to the return/pickup area. They then sent me through the entire store up to electronics. I got up there, the two men which I had to search for, took my receipt & went down to return/pickup. When they were returning up the escalator I heard them say "then our store will get dinged" they told me I would have to return it to the store I bought it at. Mad, I went back got the tv and we drove back to the other Sears. I spoke to the original salesman. He was busy & another guy had told me I was going to need a manager. So, he got one on the phone for me, I explained to the manager the situation. When our original salesman was done he finally did do the return but was not happy. He then said, "We have a lot of people buying tv's for the superbowl & then returning them" I told him, " I assure you, we did not buy a 12" tv to watch the superbowl on" He said, there is no way the box was an opened box. I assured him that there was no remote in the box, so either one of their own employees removed it where they are stored, it was sent to Sears without it or it was a Tv that someone took home & returned. Also, if they probably would have gave us a credit we would not have gone through the trouble of driving all over to return the 12" thing and wait for a remote to be ordered for us.

Then, I bought my tires from Sears for my car. (this was another Sears problem) while nearby one day, I had a flat. We pulled in to the Sears Auto store, we decided not to have the flat fixed since it may be the rim causing it and just put on my full tire spare in my trunk which we got out of the trunk for them. All they did was mount it and they charged me a fix a flat charge. I was very unhappy about that because other tire places in our town, if you bought the tires from them will fix a flat (not that they even did that but since they are charging me for that) for free. I tried to discuss this with the store, as well as customer service and even wrote a letter. No one cared. So, after those two things with Sears this year we are no longer buying/shopping from them. Don't need the hassle.

Until Companies learn Customer Service should be their #1 policy. I will take my business to those that care & make it #1 or at least try.

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i called sears to service my a/c window unit because i live in a rural area it takes two weeks to get a technician out i asked them if they could send them out this week they said no. i hate sears they take way to long to repair your products it would cost me $85.00 just for them to come out and look at it i.m not paying for it i already have someone else working on it not sears this is just the trip charge they should not charge me nothing because i have the protection agreement extended another two years they do not honor their service contracts what a rip off no never again contract dishonered never buy an extended warranty from sears i hate these sob's i will not buy nothing from them ever again no thank you.

i hate sears period.

everybody should boycott sears. :( i cancelled my services.