Wappingers Falls, New York
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Wait...once they get you to lease, then the real nightmare begins! They kept hitting my account for what they called "partial payments" which I didn't expect and caused things to bounce, then late fees cause they'd hit my account on the wrong days and just kept adding additional payments...when I had long past paid the six months and wanted them to pick up their overpriced, let's ripoff people, appliances, they would tell me different final payments were due each time I called!

It would go from a low payment, then they'd throw in another payment, then some other fee and tell me recovery would call me to arrange pick up and they still haven't! If you ask to speak with a manager they tell you they don't do that, you ask for the number or an email even for the Recovery Dept to have the *** picked up and they tell you they can't give you that information!!! So I'm sitting here and they keep charging my account and I have three appliances I don't need that should have been picked up weeks ago and cannot get anyone to call me! They just say someone will call you and when reviewing charges to my account, they just repeat the same things over and over and make no sense and say you won't be charged anymore and then charge my account again!

The bank won't stop payments because it was originally authorized.........and they answer every call with "this is an attempt to collect a debt" no matter how much you have already paid!!!!! Don't do it, whatever you do, no one needs an appliance this badly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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Unfortunately, Sears has no control once you start a lease. WhyNotLeaseIt is a company that partnered with Sears to offer an additional financing option for people in a bind, that need an appliance or large item now, and do not have the funds readily available to purchase it.

I hope that the company rectified the random debits crom your account. That is hard and frustrating for anyone in the situation.