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Who and where can I contact a Sears Company representative about a store manager could not resolve my concern(s), to my satisfaction and immediate needs.

Specifically: Poor customer service in store by employee and store manager for the purchase of a tool. Item # 00992880000P Model # 81622 --> A.... 18mm Crowfoot wrench that fit a 3/8" Drive tang.

I was forced to buy a complete extra set of crows foot wrench set listed below when I only needed the single 18mm crows foot wrench listed above for an immediate need for a much older or elderly friend's car car repair since that car was his only means of transpiration anywhere.




1 49.99T

I also purchased the below set of crows foot wrenches , a different style,to insure I could get the job done on a Sunday afternoon so he could use the car to go shopping for food.He is a older gentleman at almost 80 years of age and I am still a kid helping the old man out at the age of almost 70 !

The store does not stock individual crow foot items only sets and I had one set I was buying and wanted only the one extra 18mm crows foot in case of a fitment issue so I could insure finishing the job that day.

The store nor its manager would go one inch out of their way to allow me to take the one crows foot out of the $50 set, order on my Sears 1975 issued credit card (That tells you how long we have been Sears customers !) the single replace 18mm crows foot and ship it to themselves at, the store or their home, and put it back in the set and put it back on the shelf in the store......

therefore, I was forced to buy both the $50 and $80 crows foot sets, take out the single 18mm crows foot from the $50 crows foot set then hand the $50 set back to the store manager,"Mr. Dan", with ALL the receipts and tell him to hold everything in his store and after I get home after fixing the old mans car,I would order the single 18mm crows foot from the sears online store.Then bring it in in it's unopened packaging so he could open the packaging and see it was unused and put it back into the new but incomplete new crows foot sets I told him to hold until I returned to complete the set for his shelve stock.The receipts he has been holding can be then used to credit me back for the $50 set I did not need to buy because that store did not stock the 18mm crows foot I needed to do that job on that day.

Very poor and disgusting lack of customer service and trust displayed towards me in my hour of need turn my stomach!

All I told the clerk and the store manager was the reason there are so many dishonest people and thieves in this world is and will continue is because of Your Store that seems to build regulations into the actions and disciplines employees at ALL levels which IF I was a dishonest person, would have just slipped that crows into the other crows foot set package and NEVER said a word about it and walked out the door paying only $80 and not the $50 plus $80 plus another $15 or $145 plus tax on my Sears 1975 issued credit card !

As I left and turned to leave the store with my wife I left the store manager and clerk with their mouths hanging wide open as I stated very loud and clearly....."See what it feels like when I put 100% of MY trust in you but you TWO can not put any trust in me !".....




1 79.99T

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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