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I applied to Sears for what they call an MCA position. I wasn't particularly happy with the pay and the application was ridiculous.

It took forever to do online and asked some of the same questions repeatedly. Everything was coordinated to assure you were going to provide the customer with a WOW experience via customer service and "High" technology. I don't know where the technology was; but the cash registers were at least 20 years old and the telephones were even older. That aside, I was supposed to get online training at the HR office before setting one foot on the floor.

But that did not happen until I had been there over two weeks and happening quite by accident. They did not like the idea that I had discovered this "mistake", but put me on the computer regardless. Then they proceeded to give me NO practical training except picking up after lazy customers, folding clothes, and dusting. All the important training (I was promised) on merchandising pricing, making signs, and what planograms were and how they worked was never discussed.

They did mention these "exercises" over and over; but never got around to actually training on their processes. Apparently they hired me to be a maid. I probably could have made much more money if I had gone to a cleaning service. But I am a college graduate, *** laude, with a long history of highly successful working experiences and careers.

I needed this "job" to supplement making repairs on my home. They also asked me at least 3 times, including one on the online application, WHEN I could work. I was very flexible and offered to work anytime they wanted me, BUT I asked for after 3 on Fridays to be free as I had very personal/emotional things to do. I never got one Friday off.

Nor did I get one evening off either. I asked about this in the most tactful way I could and they told me it was a "a rite of passage" to make newbies work each shift until closing, until they had been there nearly 10 months. Nothing was said about this during the interview or online. Each shift I worked I closed the store.

Another problem was the managerial team, or should I say the lack of a managerial team. Almost all of them spent more time shooting the *** with each other or the cashiers than they did managing the employees. But what employees? It seems like everyone had some kind of managerial title and were constantly on breaks or not easily found.

They would invariably give me a project to do and then just leave the store and go home, leaving me with unanswered questions. This happened all the time. When they were "off the clock", you could barely get them to answer a question, much less do anything. The "time clocks" were a riot.

I was told they were time clocks. When in reality you "clocked" in on computers, which were slow or out of order, so you signing in too late or too early from lunch. The "threat" on the screen if you clocked back in one minute early was to fire me or anyone for that matter. It was so *** and hardly "high tech." People in the HR constantly left the computers in some program that was hard to get out of and then even more difficult to log in your time.

But they didn't seem to mind if they kept you in a state of limbo once the store closed, you had clocked out, and it was time to go home. They dallied around like we had nothing better to do than to sit there and listen to the "muckity-ups" chatter about how hard their days were. My former professionalism was really put to the test when I saw many of these people not properly dressed in this subposed "uniform" we were supposed to wear... either black shirt or white shirt and/or black slacks or khakis.

Grey and purple? And other combos were not out of the question. But the "regular" associate was practically condemned to fire and brimstone if they got out of line with the dress code. They had HUGE double standards there and MINIMAL common sense.

I've never seen anything like it in my 40 year career. You would think that problems existed because the store was flooded with customers. Naw. You could shoot a cannon at anytime throughout the store and never hit one customer.

Customers. They also insisted we call customers "members" (of the Shop Your Way program). I'd rather be called an *** than a "member." A "member" always seemed to reflect a male body part to me. Why not call them *** instead.

All part of a high and might WOW program that had gaps in it the size of Mount Rushmore. But it was the lack of involved, practical training as a Merchandising Customer Associate that caused me to simply leave. One has to have a feeling of importance and need to work in such an environment. So I don't think folding clothes and dusting was the ticket for someone with my experience and background.

I would venture to say that I had more professional experience and education than anyone in that store. But I never flaunted it. I did what they asked of me until I realized they either were not going to train me to do the practical work of an MCA or they just didn't want to. So, why did they hire me?

I haven't a clue. But I did work hard and did what they asked without complaint. But in their, I could never do anything right or hear them correctly. I don't have a hearing problem.

But maybe they have speech problems or a sociopathic tendency to lie. I still regret confiding in the one manager I trusted. Confidentiality is NOT a "WOW" factor at Sears, Texas City, TX. By the way, because of their negligence, I was not paid for my first two weeks at the store.

They couldn't imagine how that happened. I do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Sears Cons: Lack of training.

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I was charged twice by sears calgary online . The credit to my visa did not come in 7-10 days and my credit card company will file a report after 30 days.

So im in limbo untill then. I guess i will post about it every chance i can.

I will give sears one chance. This afects future dealings with this company for me